Certified Ceiling Grids that Power Lighting Systems


Does UL List (certify) powered suspended ceiling grids that power lighting systems?


Yes. UL certifies ceiling grids that power lighting systems under the UL product category Suspended-ceiling-grid Low-voltage Lighting Systems (IFFA) found on page 176 of the 2011 UL White Book. UL also certifies low-voltage luminaires and other accessories for these systems under the UL product category Suspended-ceiling-grid Low-voltage Lighting System Accessories (IFFC) on page 177 in the 2011 UL White Book. Both of these product categories can also be found on UL’s Online Certifications Directory at www.ul.com/database; simply enter the four letter category code (IFFA or IFFC) at the Category Code search field.

Suspended-ceiling-grid Low-voltage Lighting Systems (IFFA) covers low-voltage lighting systems intended for permanent installation and use in a suspended-ceiling grid in accordance with Article 411 of theNational Electrical Code(NEC).

These lighting systems are intended to be installed in a suspended-ceiling grid that provides mechanical support for ceiling tiles and provides electrical connections between the low-voltage power supply and low-voltage luminaires.

These lighting systems consist of the following system components:

  • An isolating-type low-voltage power supply operating at 30 V (42.4 V peak) or less and not exceeding Class 2 power limits.
  • A grid-rail power distribution system with uninsulated busbar conductors, similar to track lighting, to provide power from the Class 2 power supply to one or more Class 2 powered luminaires.
  • Class 2 powered luminaires that may be re cessed into the suspended ceiling, surface mounted on the room side of the ceiling or located below a suspended ceiling.

These lighting systems are intended for indoor dry locations and commercial use only and may be used in air-handling spaces when identified for such use.

System components also include interconnecting cables and connectors unless the connectors are suitable for field wiring.

Suspended-ceiling-grid low-voltage lighting systems are not intended for use in:

  • Hazardous (classified) locations as specified in NEC Articles 500 – 517
  • General patient-care areas or critical patient- care areas as defined byNECArticle 517
  • Emergency systems as defined byNECArticle 700

Suspended-ceiling-grid low-voltage lighting systems are not intended for contact with thermal insulation as specified inNECArticle 410, and suspended-ceiling-grid rails with uninsulated busbar conductors are not intended for field cutting unless identified for such use.

Installation instructions accompanying each product describe the Class 2 wiring method intended to be used between the Class 2 power supply, the low-voltage grid-rail power distribution system, and the low-voltage luminaires in accordance withNECArticles 411 and 725. The Class 2 power supply is intended for permanent installation in accordance with the wiring methods described inNECChapter 3. All electrical connections are intended for installation by qualified electrical installers.

The mechanical components of the system, including support of the grid rails, are intended to be in accordance with the International Building Code and the International Mechanical Code.

Each smallest unit package or carton comes with installation instructions that contain:

  • Product description
  • Statement identifying the suspended-ceil- ing low-voltage lighting system
  • Description of the part(s) to be used
  • Instructions describing how the part(s) are to be installed

Each unit package or carton of suspended-ceiling low-voltage lighting system grid-rail-bus section is accompanied by installation instructions identifying the system series number or model name and model or catalog number of the system. Installation instructions also specify the electrical ratings of the system and identify the mounting method.

The basic requirements used to investigate products in this category are contained in UL Subject 2577, Outline of Investigation for Suspended Ceiling Grid Low-Voltage Lighting Systems.

UL also certifies low-voltage luminaires and other accessories for these systems under the UL product category Suspended-ceiling-grid Low-voltage Lighting System Accessories (IFFC).

This category covers suspended-ceiling low-voltage lighting system accessories that are parts or subassemblies intended for field installation in specific suspended-ceiling-grid low-voltage lighting systems. These accessories include low-voltage Class 2 power supplies, power and load connector assemblies, low-voltage luminaires, and other accessories intended for installation in a specific suspended-ceiling-grid low-voltage lighting system of another manufacturer in accordance with the instructions provided by an accessory unit manufacturer.

These accessories have been investigated to determine that, when installed and used in accordance with a manufacturer’s instructions, they do not adversely affect the operation of the complete suspended-ceiling-grid low-voltage lighting system.

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