Has UL Certified any small wind turbines?


Has UL Certified any small wind turbines?


Yes, UL has certified small wind turbines under the product category Small Wind Turbine Generating Systems (ZGEN), located on page 466 in the 2012 UL White Book or you can check online at UL’s Online Certification Directory at www.ul.com/database by entering ZGEN at the category code search field. This category covers small wind turbine generating systems (WTGS) investigated for risk of fire and shock, including safety-related control system electrical performance and utility (grid) interconnection performance for Utility Interactive models.

Small wind turbines are considered to be wind turbines where a user or service person cannot or is not intended to enter the turbine to operate it or perform maintenance.

Safety-related control system performance is defined as the electrical hardware and software operation of the controls and protection functions up to the electromechanical interface of the associated power and control circuits.

Wind turbines provided with an inverter or converter are classed as Utility Interactive, Stand-alone or Multimode. Utility Interactive devices operate in parallel with the utility grid. Stand-alone devices are intended to operate independent of the utility grid. Multimode devices can operate as both or either Stand-alone (utility independent) or Utility Interactive (grid-tie).

Units marked “Utility Interactive” have been investigated for electric utility grid interconnection performance in accordance with the requirements in UL 1741 Inverters, Converters, Controllers and Interconnection System Equipment for Use With Distributed Energy Resources and IEEE 1547, “IEEE Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems.” The Standard for Small Wind Turbine Systems, UL 6142 also allows for other grid interconnection protection evaluation options to meet specific grid interconnection protection needs that may be allowed or required by some local utilities. These other grid interconnection options are clearly defined on the companies UL Listing page on UL’s Online Certification Directory, product markings and in the product manual.

Mounting means, support structures, wind turbine blades and/or rotors are investigated only to the extent that they include the necessary electrical components to comply with the applicable electrical safety standards, so additional installation codes may apply.

These devices are intended for installation in accordance with Article 694 and 705 of ANSI/NFPA 70, National Electrical Code.

Some devices in this category are intended to be installed and operated with an external transformer. Such devices are provided with markings and instructions to indicate the type of transformer required.

These devices may require external output overcurrent protection, which is specified in product markings and installation instructions.

The Certification Mark for these products includes the UL symbol, the word “CLASSIFIED” above the UL symbol and the following additional information:

Control No.

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