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Conductors and Overcurrent Protection, 2023 NEC

Code Hunter
Code Hunter

Ready to take a quiz that tests your knowledge on wiring and protection in the NEC? | Spring 2023 issue

1. What is the ampacity of 12 AWG THHN conductors installed at an ambient temperature of 80°F with three conductors in a raceway?


2. Article 240 does not allow __________ to be reconditioned.


3. If selective coordination of feeder overcurrent devices is required, they must also selectively coordinate with the __________ overcurrent device(s).


4. The minimum size copper conductor for general applications of 2000V and less is __________.


5. Overcurrent devices are not allowed in _________.


6. Which of these conductors are permitted in a wet location?


7. What is the minimum allowable interrupting rating for a branch-circuit overcurrent protection device?


8. Which of the following is a permitted method for restricting access to the adjustments of a circuit breaker?


9. Type __________ conductors are only permitted for switchboard and switchgear wiring.


10. Circuit breakers must be __________ free and capable of being manually opened and closed.


11. True or false? A circuit breaker with a slash rating, such as 120/240 or 480Y/277V is allowed on an ungrounded system.


Christel Hunter
Christel Hunter is vice president of standards for Cerro Wire. Chris serves as President for the Southern Nevada Chapter of IAEI. Chris also serves on NEC CMP-6 and CMP-13, NFPA 921, NFPA 70B, NFPA 73 and UL STPs 62, 83, 719 and 4703. Chris is a Professional Safety and Health Officer, Certified Standards Professional, Master Electrician, and LEED Accredited Professional.