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Quiz | Special Occupancies, 2023 NEC

Special Occupancies, 2023 NEC Code Hunter quiz from the Fall 2023 edition of IAEI Magazine.


A panelboard installed in a listed commercial appliance outlet center designed for in-floor mounting is permitted to be oriented in the face-up position in which of these locations?



As it relates to equipotential bonding in agricultural facilities, the term livestock does not include __________.



Which of these are examples of the treatment equipment regulated by Part V of Article 517?



The disconnecting means of a portable structure at a carnival, circus, or similar location must be within sight and within __________ feet of the operator’s station.



Which of these wiring methods are not allowed for underground wiring at a commercial repair and storage garage?



A Class II hazardous (classified) location is deemed hazardous due to the presence of _________.



For RV site equipment, receptacles rated _________ volts and 15- or 20-amperes require GFCI protection.



A feeder circuit installed on a docking facility must be protected by a GFPE rated not more than _________ milliamperes.



Reused overcurrent devices used for temporary wiring must be examined to ensure proper __________ and maintenance.



An isolated ground receptacle __________installed within a patient care vicinity.


11. If a building has multiple occupancy classifications, one of which is Assembly, Article 518 applies to the entire building


Christel Hunter and Randy Hunter
Christel Hunter is vice president of standards for Cerro Wire. Chris serves as President for the Southern Nevada Chapter of IAEI. Chris also serves on NEC CMP-6 and CMP-13, NFPA 921, NFPA 70B, NFPA 73 and UL STPs 62, 83, 719 and 4703. Chris is a Professional Safety and Health Officer, Certified Standards Professional, Master Electrician, and LEED Accredited Professional. Randy Hunter is an instructor and consultant specializing in electrical code and installations, and co-owner of Hunter Technical Services. He holds ten inspections certifications from IAEI and ICC. He has been a master electrician since 1988.