Another Step Forward

The electronic age has opened the way to an exciting world involving advanced methods of communications. What was once thought to be science fiction or unrealistic dreams is now reality. The feverish pace being experienced in the electronic or informational technology industry is difficult for many to understand well, much less to become skilled in its use. Improvements in computer hardware and software are constantly being made and users are at the mercy of those changes. By the time a new computer is purchased and put into use, it is likely that a newer and more advanced model is already being produced. Those newer computers often come with new types of pre-loaded software or a later version of programs than the purchaser has been using. With those changes, the user is required to learn the new systems if they are to be adequately utilized. Keeping up with the evolution of the information technology industry is both expensive, time consuming, and takes a serious commitment to study and grow. It is the way of the future, or should we really say, the present. The reality is that we are forced to continue learning or be left behind.

Rather than dwelling on the negative side, it is better to focus on the positive side and grow with the industry as fast and as much as resources permit. That struggle is difficult and takes a strong dedication of some very talented people. Successful organizations have to not only incorporate new technology into their operations, they also must continually look for better ways to utilize available features and make choices that are to their advantage.

While many don’t truly understand the Internet and how it operates, the number of users of that service is increasing rapidly. The Internet is a valuable means by which people can communicate with one another, obtain a broad variety of information, and do a variety of other things. Web sites or home pages have been developed by organizations and individuals and are accessible to those who use the Internet. These web sites provide information on the host organization, and often have the capability to conduct business through it.

The IAEI in its effort to continually improve services provided to its members, has maintained a web site for the last few years and recently has added another one that will allow members and other users to have more effective contact with the international office and other parts of the organization. The IAEI plans to be part of advancing technology and to grow with the industry in this area even though it places a heavy demand on resources. This participation is viewed as an exciting challenge because of the multitude of possible uses of the technology that will help the IAEI in achieving its stated objectives.

IAEI staff takes pride in announcing the launching of its new web site,, as another step toward a productive future. This is a significant step forward in the on-going effort to continually improve products and services to IAEI members, customers, and others associated with the organization. The initial site has a limited number of interactive features but new ones are being added as they are developed. The IAEI web site will grow into a leading source of industry related information with links to other key sites.

An e-commerce feature will be part of in the near future. It will become an important part of the web site and will significantly improve the accessibility of members and customers to services and products offered by the IAEI. Providing adequate security for e-commerce activities is a very high priority and the program will not be activated until that protection is in place. The e-commerce program will allow people to apply for new membership, renew membership, order products, register for seminars, and perform other transactions that presently have to be done by mail or by phone.

You are encouraged to visit the site on a regular basis to learn when and where chapters, sections, and divisions are meeting, to get information on the IAEI, to review educational opportunities, to learn of new publications and products and just to see the progressive changes that are made. Your comments and suggestions are also welcome and are considered to be an important contribution. IAEI staff will monitor and update the site on a regular basis and will make every effort to ensure that it is a pleasant experience for those logging on to it and something of which members can be proud.

Philip Cox
Former IAEI Executive Director, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief for the IAEI News, Philip Cox was formerly employed with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association as a field representative covering a 17-state area. He is a member of NFPA NEC Technical Correlating Committee. He served on Code-Making Panel No. 6, representing IAEI during the Code cycles for the 1984 and 1987 editions of the NEC. He served as chairman of CMP-1, representing the National Electrical Manufacturers Association during the 1996 cycle. He served as acting chairman of CMP-1, representing IAEI for the 1999 cycle and remains as a member of that panel for the 2002 Code cycle. He is a member of NFPA Electrical Section; UL Electrical Council; ITS Technical Advisory Council; and former member of The Chauncey Group International Board of Governors for the National Certification Program for Construction Code Inspectors; and former member of the IEC United States National Committee Executive Committee. He also served as chief electrical inspector for the city of Little Rock, Arkansas, and was secretary to the Little Rock Electrical Examining Board, developing and administering examinations for master, journeyman and specialty electricians. He was appointed as electrical safety coordinator for the Arkansas Department of Labor and administered the Arkansas state electrical licensing law. Cox is past president of the Western Section, IAEI, and served on the IAEI Board of Directors as board member and fifth vice president. He has been involved in the development and presentation of IAEI training programs on both chapter and international level.