Healthcare Facilities on the Front Line
Healthcare Facilities on the Front Line

Healthcare Facilities on the Front Line

In this strange new world of the coronavirus that we all face, the importance of healthcare facilities, and the responders on the front line remains consistent. As of July 23, the CDC forecasts a rise in the number of hospitalizations over the next few weeks. Keeping these facilities’ electrical systems running smoothly and safely should be a top priority for AHJs, installers, and other electrical professionals.

In this issue, we are focusing on Article 517, Health Care Facilities, of the National Electrical Code (NEC). 517.2 defines Health Care Facilities as “buildings, portions of buildings, or mobile enclosures in which human, medical, dental, psychiatric, nursing, obstetrical, or surgical care is provided [99:3.3.71].” From hospitals to marijuana extraction facilities, we look at how inspectors and installers use the requirements in Article 517 and NFPA 99 to properly apply the electrical construction and installation criteria throughout these documents.

Industry expert Mark C. Ode covers the theory behind the safety procedures necessary for these installations so the patient, the nurses, the doctors, and all others nearby won’t subject to spurious electrical currents and other similar hazards during treatment. FEMA continues this examination by providing information about emergency power management to these facilities.

NFPA’s Derek Vigstol also examines the different types of health care facilities and how to use the Code accordingly. IAEI also provides an overview of Article 517 to help you understand how the article is organized and used. Nick Sasso explores the basic electrical requirements for marijuana extraction facilities and how the inspector can avoid some of the common pitfalls.

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in our facilities and jurisdictions, NEMA GD 4-2020 provides some excellent recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting electrical equipment. John Wiles continues his series on photovoltaic installations and disconnect requirements, and Pete Jackson illustrates the basics of inspecting such systems.

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