It’s That Time of Year Again!

It’s summertime and that means that annual section meetings dates are close at hand. This year’s meetings should be especially interesting and beneficial to not only the electrical inspector but to all electrical industry people.

Most jurisdictions have begun enforcing the 2005 National Electrical Code by now and there will surely be some lively discussions on what new requirements have been found in this new edition. The opportunity to network with others and find out what their views are on the use of the concrete-encased electrode, the equipotential bonding grid under fiberglass and vinyl lined pools, and many other topics is sure to be examined. What better place to learn and exchange information than at the annual section meeting where people from all over your section of the area come to learn and share also.

Let’s not forget that the Canadian Section offers the same opportunities based on the Canadian Electrical Code. Learn what the Part 1 committee has in store for changes and updates to the CE Code.

Locations for this year’s round of meetings are sure to be a hit as each section has chosen great locations for the individual meetings. This issue of the IAEI News has information on the locations and how to register for the meetings. Each section is also planning some interesting and exciting activities for the spouses. Register now so the planning committee can prepare for you and your spouse.

Even though the 2005 NEC has been out not quite a year now, it is time to start preparing proposals for changes for the 2008 NEC. This year’s section meetings will provide time for discussions on proposals that will be forwarded to NFPA as IAEI-endorsed proposals. The deadline for submitting proposals to NFPA is November 4, 2005. This means that for a proposal to be endorsed by IAEI it must be submitted to your section in time for scheduling discussion at the section meeting. Contact your section secretary for the timeline for your section. After section action, the proposal goes to the International Codes and Standards Committee for its approval. All this has to be done by the NFPA deadline so get busy now to get your proposal endorsed by IAEI.

IAEI has a principal and an alternate on each code-making panel, so our voice is heard during the process. Another benefit of IAEI membership!

Each section meeting will be issuing Continuing Education Units for the educational portion of the meeting. CEUs are becoming more valuable now that more and more certification and licensing boards are requiring continuing education. If you are a certificate holder in either of IAEI’s certification programs, the CEUs earned at the section meetings will be recognized for continuing education requirements for recertification. The continuing education units are issued under the auspices of IACET, International Association for Continuing Education and Training. IAEI is an authorized provider and must undergo a strict application and site review process, so you can be assured that you are receiving CEUs that are universally recognized. Another benefit of IAEI membership! Attending seminars and workshops that issue CEU certificates bearing the IAEI and IACET logos is another benefit. IAEI maintains a database of all CEUs received from International Office-approved Section, Chapter, and Division meetings and seminars. FYI, if you attend and receive a continuing education certificate that was not approved by the International Office, you may have difficulty receiving credit for recertification. Make sure that the meeting, seminar, or workshop has IO recognition for issuing CEUs.

Summertime brings on other activities also—working in the yard or garden, going to the lake for the weekend, or taking that much needed vacation. Just be sure that you keep up with IAEI. Don’t forget your membership dues that may come due during playtime. Don’t wait until time is short to make arrangements to attend the section meeting. And, of course, play safe. You are needed back doing your important job of providing electrical safety.

James W. Carpenter
Former IAEI CEO and Executive Director, and Editor-in-Chief for the IAEI News, James Carpenter was previously the chief electrical engineer, state electrical inspector for the Engineering Division of the Office of State Fire Marshal, North Carolina Department of Insurance. He had been with the department for twenty years, with twenty years electrical experience prior to coming to the state. He was a member of CMP-2 from 1987 to 2002 and was chairman for the last three cycles. He has been a member of IAEI since 1972. He was also a member of NFPA and is serving as the TCC chair and on the Standards Council. He was on the UL Electrical Council.