Clothes Closet Storage Space Luminaires and Reconditioned Equipment Certification

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I have a question on a luminaire cut sheet that indicates the luminaire (LED disc light) conforms with UL 1598 and is allowed in clothes closets. Almost any luminaire (except open lamp incandescent) is allowed within a clothes closet if installed away from the clothes closet storage areas as defined in 410.16. How do I know if the luminaire is suitable to be installed in the clothes closet storage space?

To determine this, the installation instructions must include a statement that identifies the luminaire as suitable for use in a clothes closet storage space.

NEC 410.16(A) details the types of luminaires permitted to be installed in a clothes closet. Those include:

Surface-mounted or recessed incandescent or LED luminaires with completely enclosed light sources

Surface-mounted or recessed fluorescent luminaires

Surface-mounted fluorescent or LED luminaires identified as suitable for installation within the clothes closet storage space

NEC 410.16(C) identifies the permitted locations of different types of luminaires and minimum clearance between luminaires installed in clothes closets and the nearest point of a clothes closet storage space.

A clothes closet storage space is defined in NEC 410.2 and illustrated in NEC Figure 410.2. This is the space in the closet where a luminaire is likely to come in contact with clothes or other combustibles stored in the closet. Fire risks increase if combustible materials are in direct contact with luminaires whose normal heat dissipation is impaired by those materials.

NEC 410.16(C)(5) permits surface-mounted fluorescent or LED luminaires to be installed within the clothes closet storage space when identified for this use.

To address these concerns, UL 1598, the Standard for Safety of Luminaires, and UL 2108, the Standard for Safety for Low Voltage Lighting Systems, incorporated Certification (Listing) requirements for luminaires used in the clothes closet storage space. One of the requirements is a temperature test where the luminaire is operated with glass fiber insulation batting positioned over and in contact with the luminaire’s exposed surface. The test is intended to simulate a scenario where the luminaire is operating while in contact with clothing in a closet. Temperatures on the materials comprising the luminaire shall not exceed their maximum ratings and temperatures on the enclosure of the luminaire in contact with the batt insulation shall not exceed 90°C.

Luminaires that comply with this test are permitted to note in their installation instructions the luminaire is suitable for installation within a clothes closet storage space.

UL Certifies (Lists) luminaires for use in a clothes closet storage space under the product categories Surface-mounted Fluorescent Luminaires (IEUZ), Surface-mounted LED Luminaires (IFAM) and Low-voltage Lighting Systems, Power Units, Luminaires and Fittings (IFDR). The installation instructions will identify luminaires suitable for use in a clothes closet storage area. The guide information and Certifications (Listings) can be viewed on UL Product iQTM at, enter IEUZ, IFAM or IFDR at the search field. UL Product iQ access is free, however, registration is required.


Where can a company that reconditions electrical equipment get more information on UL’s programs for Certification (Listing) of reconditioned electrical equipment?

UL has an FAQ page dedicated to reconditioning UL Certified (Listed ) equipment that includes information on UL’s reconditioned Certification (Listing) programs. Please visit and click on the link for Reconditioned Electrical Equipment.

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