UL Question Corner: Does UL List Sit and Stand Desks?

I have inspected electrical adjustable height sit/stand desks and tables and noticed a backwards UR on some of the drives and controls but no Listing Mark on the table. Does UL List these desks? Most of these desks/tables also have receptacle strips for power; what Listed products are available for this purpose?

UL does Certify/List adjustable height sit/stand tables and desks under two different product categories: Motorized Furnishings (IYNG) and Office Furnishings (QAWZ). Tables and desks Certified/Listed under IYNG or QAWZ have been investigated for both electrical and fire hazards as well as material flammability such as surface burning characteristics (flame spread and smoked developed indices) that may be required for compliance with model building codes. In addition, these tables have been evaluated for mechanical loading as well as personal injury hazards such as pinch points to protect fingers from crossing members in these motor actuated tables. These are all important safety considerations that are addressed in a UL Certified/Listed table.

These tables may be shipped from the factory with receptacle power accessories that are either cord-and-plug connected or permanently connected to provide convenience receptacles for the work surface. When a Certified/Listed table is shipped without these receptacle power accessories, field installed Certified/Listed Furniture Power Distribution Units (IYNC) or Relocatable Power Taps (XBYS) should not be used without further evaluation.  These Listed components may not meet all of the requirements for this use, such as cord cycling tests.

In contrast, a backwards UR is UL’s Recognized Component Mark, which means that the component is incomplete in construction, or evaluated on a limited basis and is intended to be used as part of an overall Certified/Listed product whose limitations are evaluated as part of the overall Certified/Listed product. Certified/Listed products have been evaluated to all applicable requirements so the entire system has been evaluated for safety. The same cannot be said for a Recognized Component. The Recognized Component Mark does not comply with the definition of “listed” in the National Electrical Code (NEC).

The UL Guide Information and Certifications/Listings for Motorized Furnishings (IYNG), and Office Furnishings (QAWZ), can be located on UL Product Spec at www.ul.com/productspec  by entering the appropriate product category code at the Category Code Search. The last section of the Guide Information for each product category describes the appearance of the UL Certification/Listing Mark carried by products Certified/Listed under a category.


I have seen UL Product Spec, UL’s search tool for the U.S. built environment and inspection community. Are there any plans to create a search tool for products certified for Canada and the Canadian AHJ community?


Actually a Canadian version of UL Product Spec, UL’s web-based compliance search tool, went live at the beginning of January 2017.

You can access the Canadian version of UL Product Spec the same way you access the U.S. version: go to www.ul.com/productspec or productspec.ul.com, and click on the Canadian certifications search link to search all of UL’s Canadian Certifications/Listings (C-UL and ULC). You have four options for searching: by installation code section; by product type keyword; by product, system or assembly; or by UL Product Category code. The installation code search enables you to search for products Certified by UL for Canada and covered by the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1; National Building Code of Canada; or National Fire Code of Canada. The products, systems and assemblies search also offers access to UL’s C-UL Certified/Classified Fire Resistance rated assemblies and Fire Stop Systems, both searchable by assembly/system number or specific parameters.

UL Product Spec will right size to whatever screen size you are using, including smart phone, tablet or laptop/desktop. Because it is not an app, it will work on any internet-connected device regardless of operating system. You can easily save a link to it on the home screen on your device for fast access.

For more information on UL Product Spec and to see You Tube videos on “How to Use UL Product Spec” go www.ul.com/psvideo.

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