It’s not too late…to join us on the climb to the Summit

Even though each step brings us through exciting adventures and places us closer to our goals, I approach 2017 with some apprehension, maybe more uncertainty. What effect will the new Trump administration have on the electrical industry, specifically what will its policy be in renewable energy, mainly solar and wind power? For three decades IAEI has been a leader in developing and delivering training material to inspectors and installers on installation requirements and best practices for solar. Since 2014, we have partnered with several nonprofit organizations to expand outreach and provide education.

The policy set by our Government will affect the future of renewable energy—either positively or negatively.  I feel that IAEI has a responsibility, no matter what transpires, to ensure that when a new technology enters the marketplace that we are involved in the development of the safety standards. Additionally, we must continue to develop and deliver training to ensure inspectors and other industry-related persons gain the knowledge to install and inspect those installations for code compliance.

It is not enough for IAEI to dream about the future; we must actively involve ourselves in making the future. We must continue to be the firm voice of enforcement. We must continue to invest in youth and young professionals as they begin their journey in an electrical career. We must continue to be relevant to all electrical professionals with concern for public safety in the built environment.

Your Board of Directors approved, in November, a new Strategic Plan referred to as “Vision 2021”, that sets the direction for the Association over the next five years.  Our continuing success is a result of the dedicated work of many thousands of volunteers throughout our Section, Chapters, and Divisions who spend countless hours organizing and providing services that support our mission to educate and equip electrical professionals while unifying the industry to promote electrical safety. To all of our Industry partners that provide support, and to the staff that works hard on your behalf, huge thanks for making IAEI stronger and a leader in electrical safety.

As we enter 2017, I wish everyone good health and prosperity.  Many accolades go out to each and every one for supporting the core values of IAEI — “Protecting the Public, Educating Electrical Professionals, Advocating for Safety, Unifying the Industry and Providing Impartial Information.”

We will reach the summit together!

David Clements
David Clements is CEO/Executive Director of IAEI. He has been an active IAEI member at the local, section and national levels for more than twenty-five years. He served as international board member from 1995 until 2007 when he served as our 2007 international president. In 2010, he retired after twenty-nine years with Nova Scotia Power, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as their chief electrical inspector. During his tenure as chief electrical inspector, he was a voting member on the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Technical Committee on the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, a member of the Regulatory Authority Committee and member of the Canadian Advisory Committee on Electrical Safety. He has served on NFPA Smart Grid Steering Committee, Electrical Infrastructure Training Program and is presently a member of the UL Electrical Council.