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UL Question Corner: System combination AFCIs

 Q. Are there any Certified (Listed) system-combination arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) for use in accordance with NEC 210.12(A)(4)? How are they identified?

A. Yes. UL does Certify (List) system combination-type AFCIs intended for use in accordance with NEC 210.12(A)(4). UL Certifies (Lists) these under the product category Arc-fault Circuit Interrupters, System-Combination Type Arc-fault Circuit Protection (AWDT).

The UL guide information for AWDT states that system-combination arc-fault circuit protection is a system consisting of a Certified (Listed) outlet branch-circuit AFCI installed at the first outlet of a branch circuit in combination with a specific Certified (Listed) molded-case circuit breaker installed as the branch-circuit overcurrent protective device.

The system-combination is intended to protect the branch-circuit wiring, feeder wiring, or both, and cord sets and power-supply cords connected to receptacles against the unwanted effects of arcing. The Certified (Listed) outlet branch-circuit AFCI with its specified Certified (Listed) molded-case circuit breaker is packaged together as a Certified (Listed) system-combination arc-fault circuit protection system.

The Certified (Listed) outlet branch-circuit AFCI and the Certified (Listed) molded-case circuit breaker that are part of a system-combination are provided with identification for use as a system-combination. This information includes the manufacturer, type or catalog number, and rating, and is provided in the installation instructions packaged with the device, or on the smallest unit packaging provided with the device, or both.

System-combination AFCIs are marked “System-Combination Arc-fault Circuit Interrupter” (or “System-Combination AFCI”) where visible with a dead-front or faceplate removed, while the device is installed.

To view the UL guide information and Certifications (Listings) for this product category on UL Product Spec, go to www.ul.com/productspec and enter AWDT at the category code search.

UL Question CornerHow do I know what devices have been certified for use with a fire alarm control panel? Is there a marking on the panel that identifies those devices?

UL Question CornerA. All Certified (Listed) fire alarm control panels must include an installation wiring diagram and installation instructions and be intended for installation in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling. Devices that are Certified (Listed) for use with a specific fire alarm control panel are identified in the installation instructions included with the control panel installation wiring diagram or the installation instruction document referenced on the markings of UL Certified (Listed) fire alarm control panels. These markings will identify a model-specific installation document (manufacturer’s published instructions) by manufacturer’s name or trademark, drawing number, website address or the equivalent identification, and by issue date, revision level or release date. Because installation instructions can be quite lengthy, they may be provided as a hard copy, posted on a website referenced on the panel marking, or included on electronic media such as a flash drive or CD.

Fire alarm control panels are Certified (Listed) under the UL product category Control Units, System (UOJZ) and are investigated for compliance with the ANSI/UL 864, the Standard for Safety of Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems. UOJZ is a sub category of main product category Signal and Fire Alarm Equipment and Services (SYKJ). The UL guide information for SYKJ additionally applies to all fire alarm equipment product categories, including UOJZ.

The UL guide information for UOJZ refers to an installation wiring diagram that is supplied with each control unit by the manufacturer. The SYKJ guide information provides more information on the wiring diagram and the installation instructions.

The guide information for SYKJ states that a complete system is a combination of interrelated signal-initiating devices, signal-transmitting devices, signal-notification appliances, and control unit installed in accordance with regulations enforced by the AHJ responsible for determining the suitability of an installation for a specific application. The Certification (Listing) indicates that wiring diagrams have been submitted with the equipment to provide details for interconnecting it to other interrelated devices.

The interconnection details are shown on the equipment or are in a separate installation document included with the equipment and referenced in the marking on the equipment by drawing number and issue date or revision level.

The UL guide information and Certifications (Listings) for UOJZ and the UL guide information for SYKJ can be viewed on UL Product Spec at www.ul.com/productspec and enter UOJZ or SYKJ at the category code search.

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