This is the fourth of a series of five articles detailing significant changes approved by the Technical Committee for the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code Part I (CE Code).

Are there any Certified (Listed) system-combination arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) for use in accordance with NEC 210.12(A)(4)?

The traditional 8-ft length of rod and pipe electrodes is located at 250.52(A)(5) in the 2017 National Electric Code (NEC). What about 5 ft?

Let's start with the basics of Z32 and Section 24 of the CE Code. What is a “health care facility” for the purpose of Section 24 of the CE Code

There has been much concern about the challenges the construction industry is and will be facing over the next several years, construction labor shortages.

In the seven decades following the invention of the transistor at Bell Labs, warnings about impending limits to miniaturization and the corresponding slowdown of Moore’s Law have come regularly.

This series of articles provides a guide to help users find their way through the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1 (CE Code).

Training and continuing education of Plan Reviewers and Inspectors are absolutely essential to having qualified, competent, professional people that are fully capable of discharging the responsibilities of ensuring the safety of the public.