IAEI in High Gear on Electrical Safety and Code at NFPA’s 2019 Conference & Expo

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – June 18, 2019 – CEO David Clements announced today that the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) is participating this week in the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) 2019 Conference & Expo (#NAPAConf) in San Antonio, TX. This meeting is of particular importance to the electrical industry, with NFPA members voting on the tri-annually updated National Electrical Code® proposed changes. Several IAEI members who represent IAEI on the code-making panels will be involved in the technical meetings. IAEI members will present in several of the electrical topic education sessions. Attendees can visit IAEI booth #291 in the Expo hall to learn more about the association, get answers to electrical code questions, and enter a drawing for some on-target prizes.

“Our members have worked hard on the code-making process to help arrive at proposed changes that improve electrical safety in a practical and enforceable manner,” said association President and CEO Mr. David Clements. “We are proud of their contributions as subject matter experts in the development of the safety standard. We invite electrical professionals from all sectors of the electrical industry to visit our booth 291 and find out about the benefits of joining IAEI.” 

Electrical Education Sessions with IAEI Member Presenters

IAEI members participated on a panel in a Monday, June 17 session on Meeting the Inspection Challenges of an Evolving NEC®: Donald Cook, Shelby County Alabama; James Hathorn, City of Irving Texas; David G. Humphry, County of Henrico; Tim Mikloiche, Town of West Hartford; and Tom Moore, City of Beachwood. Other IAEI members are sharing their expertise as presenters for Tuesday and Wednesday electrical sessions and workshops. Keith Lofland, IAEI Director of Education, Codes and Standards and Technical Editor will present on these two topics:

Tuesday, June 18, 3:45-4:45 pm  |  The Pool Triangle: Safely Bringing Together People, Water, and Electricity   | session T57 in Hemisfair Ballroom C1

Wednesday, June 19, 8:00-9:00 am  |  NFPA 70®-2020, National Electrical Code®: Proposed |  session W08 in Hemisfair Ballroom C3

About the IAEI Exhibit

Located in the Electrical Experience Pavilion, a visit to the IAEI booth #291 is a must-do stop for any electrical professional. While entering the drawing to win a copy of IAEI’s upcoming book Analysis of Changes, the NEC®-2020 edition, learn about membership in the association and its training, publications, and certifications. An IAEI Code expert will be on hand to provide answers to electrical code questions and any on-site training questions.

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About IAEI

IAEI is a membership driven, non-profit association promoting electrical safety throughout the industry by providing premier education, certification of inspectors, advocacy, partnerships, and expert leadership in Electrical Codes and Standards development. www.iaei.org 

Lisa Bascom
Lisa F. Bascom is the Marketing Manager for IAEI. She has worked in marketing, marketing communications, and product management in the technology industry for many years and is enjoying learning about and working in the electrical industry.