IAEI Magazine debuted in March 1929 after the founding of the association in November 1928. Preview articles on talking picture equipment and high-tension services in high rises (the Chrysler Building).

Did you know that anyone can attend the annual IAEI Section Meetings? Members and attendees from across six regional areas get together every year to study and promote electrical safety.

“Our members have worked hard on the code-making process to help arrive at proposed changes that improve electrical safety in a practical and enforceable manner,” said association President and CEO Mr. David Clements.

The International Board of Directors gathered in November 2018 to attend the International Association of Electrical Inspectors Grand Opening Reception at the newly remodeled International Office in Richardson, Texas, and to conduct its annual business.

It is truly an honor, and I look forward to serving this great Association and its members during my term as Chairman.

IAEI is a 90-year-old membership organization with a long and recognized history of comprehensive training in and promotion of safe products, electrical installations, and inspections in order to ensure compliance with electrical codes and standards. The Association is comprised of divisions, chapters, and sections in the United States, as well as other countries. In 2018, the West Virginia Division was redesignated as a chapter.