IAEI News Call for Submissions — Healthcare Facilities

Issue: September/October 2020

Deadline: June 7, 2020

Do you work as an installer or inspector in a health care facility? If so, we want your story! We’re looking for subject matter experts who can discuss electrical installations and safety in health care facilities. Write about the typical installations and how they can vary per health care facility (birthing care center versus hospitals). Discuss redundant equipment grounding systems or if a facility must comply with Part II of Article 517. Interested in writing a story about these topics? Or want more potential topics to write about? Email submissions or ideas (or code violations with explanations for inclusion on iaeimagazine.org) to editorial@iaei.org by June 20, 2020. Please include a 50-word bio. Visit iaeimagazine.org for more info on submitting a story.

P.S. Have another article related to technical subjects within the electrical industry? All articles must be technical in nature and related to the National Electrical Code, Canadian Electrical Code, or the ICC Codes. We’d love to hear them. For additional suggestions, here’s our editorial calendar for 2020. Feel free to submit a story before the deadline, and we can hold it to the relevant issue.

We look forward to hearing from you!