National Armored Cable Manufacturers Association Celebrates 25 Years

The year 2011 is an exciting milestone for NACMA as it marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of the association, and celebrates the continued widespread knowledge and usage of armored cable within the electrical industry. Some will remember the term “BX” cable, which was the survivor of two experimental versions of early armored cable (AX and BX, with the “X” signifying “experimental”). BX cable was eventually produced and became the registered trade name of General Electric’s armored cable. Others know simply the term “armored cable.”

NACMA was created to promote the use of armored cable and to educate electrical industry members. From its inception, the association entered codes, standards and education arenas to provide information to users, installers and inspectors on the selection, installation and safe use of armored cable products.

A major force in this mission was the late George Flach, who was named the first technical director of the association and held the position for more than 23 years. George represented NACMA at IAEI section meetings and at regional state meetings. He was always available to answer any technical questions regarding NACMA products with his usual kind authoritarian explanation.

The current technical director is Phil Simmons, former president and executive director of International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) and former chief inspector for the state of Washington.

Current members of NACMA include AFC Cable Systems, Alcan Cable Company, Encore Wire Corporation, Southwire Company and United Copper Industries.

As part of this celebration, NACMA has, in conjunction with IAEI Southern Section, established a scholarship in honor of George Flach, an industry icon who served the city of New Orleans as chief electrical inspector and served as a past president of IAEI, of which he was a member for 56 years. He contributed articles toIAEI Newsand toElectrical Contractor. Additionally, he was recognized as an expert on the National Electrical Code and wrote many articles for various industry publications. He served as chairman of several electrical code panels. Most importantly, he was a friend and mentor to the members of NACMA.

Membership in NACMA has changed since its formation in 1986 by American Flexible Conduit Company, American Metal Moulding Company, Cerro Wire Company, Ettco Wire and Cable Company, Steelflex Electro Corporation and Triangle Conduit and Cable Company. Yet its mission remains unchanged — to educate and promote the safe use of armored cable products.