UL’s New Enhanced Certification Mark


I have seen that UL has developed a new certification mark. Can you tell me more about it? Are the current Listing and Classification marks still good?


Earlier this year, UL launched an enhanced version of its certification Mark. Even with the introduction of the enhanced Mark, all current UL Listing and Classification Marks remain valid and should continue to be accepted as an indication of certification.


For over 100 years, designers, architects and code authorities have relied on UL’s Marks to determine code compliance. But, products in today’s environment must meet a diverse spectrum of certification and compliance requirements. In response to evolving customer needs, UL introduced an enhanced version of our Certification Mark that manufacturers have the option of using in place of our
traditional Listing and Classification Marks.

One important change you will note in the enhanced Mark is the use of the term “Certified.” Certified is a general term encompassing Listed and Classified and complies with the definition of “listed” in all model codes. It’s also a term that is more easily understood by the marketplace.

The enhanced UL Mark also identifies the attributes that UL has certified about a product. For example, “Safety” indicates that a
product has been certified in accordance with the applicable safety requirements. “Energy” means that a product has been certified in accordance with the applicable energy efficiency requirements. There are several other attributes that may appear on the enhanced UL Mark, and the enhanced Mark may include more than one attribute to describe the full set of certifications a product has earned.

The enhanced UL Mark includes an ISO (International Standards Organization) country code such as “US” for the United States or “CA” for Canada to identify the country requirements for which the product has been certified.

Another significant feature of the enhanced Mark is the use of a unique identifier (most commonly for products in the built  environment, a UL file number). This enables users to easily verify certification information at UL’s Online Certifications Directory. Just go to www.ul.com/database and search by the enhanced Mark identifier using the UL File Number field or Keyword Search (“S123456” in the illustration). That search will send you directly to a product’s certification record, which also includes a link to the product category guide information. This will go a long way to enabling easy verification of the scope of a product’s certification to determine compliance with the Code. If required, a product name or identification will also be on the product near the enhanced Mark to assist in verifying the certification product category in UL’s White Book.

An example of an enhanced UL Mark is shown in the accompanying illustration, and details on the Mark are included in product category guide information in UL’s Online Certifications Directory and will appear in the 2014 UL White Book.

UL expects the transition to the enhanced Mark to happen over time, so you may not see it in the immediate future. For more information on this important development, please go to www.ul.com/markshub > Resources. Access to the Marks Hub is free and open to all regulators, but registration to use it is required.

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