Electrical AHJ Study 2016


Average # of Inspections?

The reported numbers of electrical inspections per week averaged between 4 (small town) to 2000 (Houston, Texas).  Excluding the largest and the smallest numbers, the average number of inspections per week was 80 among the email respondents. These numbers do not reflect multi-hat inspections such as building and plumbing they may also have to perform.

The average # of electrical inspections a week was 80.

Jurisdictions have been increasingly hiring fewer inspectors who are handling an increasing workload. For example, thirty-eight inspectors for the city of Houston manage 2000 electrical inspections per week, averaging 53 inspections per person. However, one inspector from Minnesota, who is the sole inspector, handles 60 inspections per week and another from Michigan handles about 75 per week.

Inspections per week
Average number of electrical inspections per week