Sunlight is our most valuable resource and, when properly used, it can provide all of the energy the world needs for future generations. The PV module through the photovoltaic effect is the device that allows us to convert sunlight directly into electricity and that solar-generated electricity has some unique characteristics.

Why did the Table 6 change result in fewer conductors in a raceway? The quick answer is that Table 6 in the 2012 CE Code was not accurate for all types of raceways.

It is difficult to describe the average electrical AHJ as their titles, responsibilities, certifications, and coverage areas vary so greatly. This report examines each facet of the electrical AHJ, from their departments, job titles, duties, third-party certifications, and the number of inspections per month.

What does the average jurisdictional office look like from state to state? Let’s look at the numbers.

Electrical distribution systems serve us on a daily basis whether we are sitting in our home, driving down the road or at work. This important infrastructure must be maintained, if not for longevity sake, for safety sake.

The paper discusses a myopic interpretation of increasing voltage rating for some 600 V rated products and their impact on Thermo-Plastic and Thermoset Insulated Wire and Cable Products.

Rule 4-006 introduced into Table 39 into the 2012 edition of the CE Code has certainly created lots of buzz among the Code users.

This article will focus on the details of large-scale support structures for PV and some of the unique challenges for those who build and inspect these large PV projects.

When considering the arc flash hazard there are two questions we need to ask (the same two questions for any hazard):  What is the likelihood it will happen? and How severe will the impact be?