Code Hunter: Safety, 2017 NEC

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To play this game, you need a sharp eye, a quick mind, and a 2017 National Electrical Code book.

(Fill-in-the-blank questions are looking for the exact words) used in the NEC).

1. 1. Access and _____­ shall be provided and maintained about all electrical equipment to permit ready and safe operation and maintenance of such equipment.
2. The purpose of this Code is the _____­ safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity.
3. Industrial machinery with safety _____­ circuits shall have surge protection installed.
4. Where the highest continuous current trip setting for which the actual overcurrent device installed in a circuit breaker is rated or can be adjusted is 1,000 A or higher, arc energy reduction means must be provided.

Permanent safety signs are required to be installed to give notice of electrical shock hazard risks to persons using or swimming near a boat dock or marina.

6. Entrances to rooms and other guarded locations that contain exposed live parts shall be marked with conspicuous warning signs forbidding _____­ persons to enter.
7. External surfaces of pipeline and vessel heating equipment that operate at temperatures exceeding _____­ shall be physically guarded, isolated, or thermally insulated to protect against contact by personnel in the area.
8. Equipment that performs the rapid shutdown functions, other than _____­ devices such as listed disconnect switches, circuit breakers, or control switches, shall be listed for providing rapid shutdown protection.
9. Emergency system(s) overcurrent devices shall be selectively coordinated with all _____­ overcurrent protective devices.
10. Cutouts shall be located so that they may be readily and safely operated and re-fused, and so that the _____­ of the fuses does not endanger persons.

Bonus Question

Is illumination required for working spaces containing battery systems?