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Why didn’t I get a Christmas card this year?

I remember several years ago discussing by phone some of the deficiencies I was viewing in the field with Rusty Anderson, a recently retired...

Testing Agencies & the Electrical Inspector

by Laura L. Hildreth and Chuck Mello The relationship between the electrical inspector and recognized testing laboratories and field evaluation bodies (FEBs), as recognized by...

Electrical Questions from the Field

My accomplices and I have made up a mock service diagram to be used in an educational program.  The electrical service is rated 4000 amps at 120/208 volts. We are supplying the service equipment with 12 sets of 600 kcmil aluminum type THWN per phase.

Article 705.12(A) — Point of Connection Supply Side Connections

I still remember the day when a fellow inspector tapped me on the shoulder and said: “Be ready to leave in 20 minutes; we’re...

Electrical AHJ Study 2016

  Download this article The authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) has the responsibility of seeing that the electrical installations and equipment are safe within their municipality. Part...

STATE BY STATE: The ‘Average’ Jurisdiction

What does the average jurisdictional office look like from state to state? Let’s look at the numbers. Legend Uses State Electrical Inspectors This symbol notes that...
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