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Journey to the Future of 260-year-old Lighting Rod: Where lighting protection...

In most countries around the world, we see that the banknote of the highest denomination bears the face of the most respected figure in the country’s history. In the United States of America, that person is Benjamin Franklin whose face dons the famous $100 bill. This article focuses on the Franklin lightning rod, arguably one of Benjamin Franklin’s greatest achievements, through the scientific and engineering perspective in search of the future of lightning protection technology in the rapidly changing world.

Ground Rod Selection Guide

For years, manufacturers and users alike have struggled with the selection of ground rod electrode coating alternatives, striving to select the most effective alternative...

Grounding Resistance and Spacing of Ground Rods

As we already know, the Canadian Electrical Code requires a minimum distance of 3 m between ground rods forming an electrical system grounding electrode....

Ground Rods Marking and Compliance Requirements

In today’s electrical environment, many installed ground rod electrodes do not meet the requirements of theNational Electrical Code. Ground rods less than 0.625 in...

Ground Rod Electrodes – What You Need to Know

There are several misconceptions with interpretation of the National Electrical Code as it relates to ground rod electrode compliance. The section of the NEC...

Navigating the Ground Rod Electrode Maze

There is a lot of confusion on the use and application of galvanized ground rods due largely to the fact that there has not...
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