The first step to understanding current limitation is to understand what the current waveform looks like during a short-circuit event. To understand the peak current let-through; up and over on the curve.

The transformer is one of the most basic of electrical equipment found in a power distribution system, and just when you thought that a hunk of iron wound with wire couldn’t possibly be transformed, the industry does something that blows your mind. 

Like any machine used in manufacturing there can be potential risks associated with 3D printers. Different levels of risk are associated with different 3D printer market segments

To those not yet indoctrinated, commercial construction (CC) can appear daunting. Suddenly there are architects, engineers, liquidated damages, bonding, and a cast of wealthy business clients with short attention spans and scary-sounding law firms on speed-dial.

In this article, we will discuss the fundamentals of bonding and grounding. To start, we should get an understanding of the difference between bonding and grounding.

UL has several tools available to de-mystify hazardous locations.  UL has been certifying hazardous location equipment for over 100 years, and has launched a smart device application explaining the different hazardous locations classification systems.

The concept of the receptacle has been largely unchanged since the first National Electrical Code® (NEC®) in 1897; by the 2017 edition, it will have been 120 years.

When dielectric liquid-filled equipment is installed outdoors, does it have to be located in fire-rated rooms and vaults? The answer could be found in Rules 26-014, 26-242 and 26-244 of the CE Code.

This article summarizes the actions and reporting processes required to achieve good results in field evaluations for new, used, and unlisted/uncertified electrical equipment.

A firm understanding of the basic principles associated with series and parallel circuits is a sufficient background to begin an investigation of any single-source DC network having a combination of series and parallel elements or branches.