Dust control is an important part of any large project, and at some solar farms, it can get out of control. Migrating dust/soil can have serious effects to certain areas, such as the substation walking surface.

Section 10 is a general section of the Canadian Electrical Code and applies to all installations unless amended by other Sections of the CE Code.

For utilities facing ever-increasing cable maintenance and management demand, rejuvenation helps address and repair more miles of cable for the same budget, compared to replacement.

A new Section 210.71 titled, Meeting Rooms was introduced into Chapter 2 of the 2017 NEC requiring a minimum number of receptacle outlets for certain size non-dwelling unit meeting rooms.

Test your knowledge of Ampacity requirements in the 2017 NEC by taking this Code Hunter quiz. Be sure to have your Code book ready!

What is it that separates capable presenters from those who struggle? Why do some presentations elicit enthusiastic responses, while others are, frankly, dismal failures? Is it the content, the preparation, the person, or something else?

The Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League (PEARL) has launched a new phase of its Technician Certification Program. This program allows individuals to become recognized as a Certified Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Technician.

Based on consumer demands, electrical manufacturers have developed new permanent outdoor solutions that are safer, more convenient and more reliable than previous outdoor electrical products.

The direct current output of a dc PV module varies with the sunlight intensity, the temperature of the module, and the load connected to that module.

To start with let’s look at the different types of ground fault protection. The remainder of this article will focus on ground fault protection requirements for distribution equipment.