As buildings are updated with high-efficiency LED light sources, energy codes generally require that the lighting control systems also be updated to satisfy new, more efficient performance requirements.

I was recently asked this question by a group of electrical engineers in conjunction with the NFPA 20 requirement for an overcurrent device protecting feeder conductors to the fire pump controller from the normal power supply source  to carry a fire pump locked rotor current indefinitely.

The new Copper-clad aluminum building wire (Cu-Clad), however, displays improved physical characteristics due to the alloying of its core, designed to improve its application to building wire.

The purpose of this article is to inform, educate, and offer guidance in properly identifying when an AC disconnect is required for a residential or small commercial PV installation.

I see that a new Section 725.144(B) in the 2017 NEC addresses LP cable. What is LP cable?

Over the years, IAEI magazine has undergone a major transformation. Today the average issue has 112 pages and contains articles based on both the NEC and the CE Code.