Before we get into the details of conductors, currents, and circuit protection on the AC side of the PV system, let’s step back and try to get a bigger picture of where are some of the dangers or hazards that need to be considered.

A supply-side interconnection is any connection to the service conductors on the supply-side of the service disconnecting means. The 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC) contains nine categories of equipment. A list of allowed supply-side interconnections is provided in NEC 230.82.

IAEI is a 90-year-old membership organization with a long and recognized history of comprehensive training in and promotion of safe products, electrical installations, and inspections in order to ensure compliance with electrical codes and standards. The Association is comprised of divisions, chapters, and sections in the United States, as well as other countries. In 2018, the West Virginia Division was redesignated as a chapter.

The report, Navigating Utility Business Model Reform: A Practical Guide to Regulatory Design, offers a menu of regulatory options for policymakers, utilities, and electric customers to best support and manage the evolution of a 21st-century grid.

Electrical grid infrastructure remains one of the nation’s biggest vulnerabilities. From storm damage, to vandalism, to deliberate attack, members of the professional electrical community, utilities, the media, state leaders, and government agencies need to consider how the United States can most effectively secure the safety, dependability and future of the national electrical grid.

The CE Code states, "Electrical equipment used in electrical installations within the jurisdiction of the inspection department shall be approved and shall be of a kind or type and rating approved for the specific purpose for which it is to be employed."

The electrical grid as we know it hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years, but we have changed as a society and so has the technology we use.

Q. I know cord and plug-connected appliances are tested for leakage current but are hard-wired appliances tested for leakage current, as well?

One of the most advanced microgrids in North America can be found at Bubolz Nature Preserve in Northeast Wisconsin. The microgrid serves as a research and development project as well as a learning lab for teaching the next generation about the cutting-edge energy technology that is available today.