In addressing the evolving challenge of the COVID-19 virus, state and local jurisdictions have also taken several precautionary measures to ensure that they continue to operate and safely serve the community while ensuring that their staff stays safe.

Last November, I announced to IAEI’s Board of Directors and staff my plan to retire in June. This column will be my last as IAEI’s CEO, and I’d like to take the opportunity to say good-bye and to reflect on accomplishments IAEI has made during my tenure.

It’s often said that our home is our castle and haven of safety. Whether it is a single-family dwelling, an apartment, or a high-rise penthouse, we naturally expect to feel safe when we come home, turn on a light, and begin preparing our evening meal. Unfortunately, the electrical wiring or electrical service panel within these dwellings can sometimes be one of the most significant fire hazards in our home.

IAEI is embarking on a student membership campaign that will be rolling out over the next several months.

In 2016, we developed a five-year strategic plan called Vision 2021. The plan provided the framework to position our Association for growth and to continue to be the leaders in the electrical industry. A number of key initiatives identified in the plan have now been completed.

So what can be done to protect lives and property? Organizations have developed standards, are developing new code rules, and are recommending guidelines to help minimize damage.

Even though May is National Electrical Safety Month highlighting awareness of electrical safety, we can’t become complacent during the other 11 months. It only takes a second to incur an injury, but a lifetime to heal.