Since the commemoration was first established in 1922, NFPA has officially sponsored Fire Prevention Week. It will be held October 7-13 this year.

GFCIs appear similar to standard electrical receptacles, but also have "test” and "reset” buttons.

In July 1, 2000, UL introduced a significant enhancement to the way it develops and maintains UL Standards for Safety.

New Jersey’s rehab code is the nation’s first set of rules written just for older buildings, and it’s bringing developers back to cities by providing sensible standards and predictable costs for renovations,

The Miami-Dade County [Florida] Building Code and Product Review Committee became the first governmental entity in the country to accept NECA’s National Electrical Installation Standards™ for regulatory use

A question has been asked as tow hat the IAEI policy is on endorsing or promoting electrical products. It is a fair question.