Be All You Can Be! Come to your section meeting

It is the middle of the summer and fall is just around the corner. Likewise, IAEI’s annual section meetings are approaching. This issue of the IAEI News highlights the six section meeting locations and programs. I always get excited about now, looking forward to traveling to all the great locations that have been selected to hold these meetings. Cities like Spokane, Washington; Traverse City, Michigan; Ottawa, Canada; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Fort Worth, Texas; and San Diego, California are where we are scheduled to go this year. Meeting new people, getting reacquainted with friends, and sharing all the many things that we have experienced in the past year is always exciting. What a wonderful opportunity to get together.

The leaders that have accepted the responsibility of putting in long hours planning and arranging for these annual meetings deserve more than just a round of applause. They have not only selected great places and made all the arrangements but also have planned for outstanding educational opportunities. Many events in which the attendees can increase their knowledge and skills are being made available. With all this hard work by these leaders, shouldn’t you be at your section meeting? Take advantage of the opportunities and network with your peers.

I have used the word “leaders” several times so far. IAEI is blessed with the many volunteers that step up and share their abilities, knowledge, and expertise. All of us, even the newest member, have experiences to share and that is what makes this time of section meetings so exciting and important. This world of ours is now global, no longer is it just our little corner of the city, town, or county where we live. What happens on the other side of the globe now affects use directly—have you bought gas lately? We must stay current, connected, marketable, and associated to be able to serve our neighborhood and help assure that our homes, workplaces, and play places are as safe as can be when we use electricity. Plan now to attend your section meeting. Learn from others, teach others, become a leader, and above all participate in the IAEI.

The National Electrical Code is in the part of its cycle where the proposals to change some of the requirements were considered by the code-making panels during the meeting in January 2006 and are now open for comment. Attending your section meeting provides an excellent opportunity for you to participate in the comment phase of the code-making process. During the section meetings is where IAEI’s position will be developed. Each section has procedures for getting a chapter’s, division’s, or an individual’s proposed comment on the agenda for discussion. The comments developed then will be forwarded to the International Code Clearing Committee for consideration as an official IAEI comment to the NEC process.

The NEC is not the only code revision process going on this year. The 2006 edition of the Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code) has just been published. The revision cycle has already begun as the CE Code Part 1 Committee met in June 2006. The Canadian Section meeting will afford an opportunity to learn about the 2006 CE Code as well as participate in the revision process for the next edition.

This issue of the News contains the first installment of some of the more significant proposals acted upon by the NEC code-making panels. Mike Johnston has compiled a list along with analyses of the changes that were identified by IAEI’s representatives on all twenty code-making panels. Ark Tsisserev, chairman of the technical committee on the Canadian Electrical Code, also provides insight on the CE Code in his Inspectors’ Corner.

I recently read an article written by an ex-electrical inspector who is now with an electrical contractors association. Some of his comments were distributing to me, but he made some good points. One was that it is the responsibility of the electrical inspector to be well educated in the Code. How true! How can we enforcers of the codes demand the respect of not just the installer but also the public we serve if we are not well-versed and familiar with the codes we are charged with enforcing? Likewise, the policy makers and public officials of the jurisdiction where we work and live must also be educated on the importance of good inspections and inspectors. They need to be made aware of the importance of sending their inspectors to seminars, workshops, and chapter and section meetings to further their knowledge and skills.

Don’t let the summer workload prevent you from making plans to attend your annual section meeting. Along with the many fun things available in the various locations, many events will provide education, training and the opportunity to develop your leadership skills. After all, we all are leaders in some way. So, Be All You Can Be! Come to your section meeting.

James W. Carpenter
Former IAEI CEO and Executive Director, and Editor-in-Chief for the IAEI News, James Carpenter was previously the chief electrical engineer, state electrical inspector for the Engineering Division of the Office of State Fire Marshal, North Carolina Department of Insurance. He had been with the department for twenty years, with twenty years electrical experience prior to coming to the state. He was a member of CMP-2 from 1987 to 2002 and was chairman for the last three cycles. He has been a member of IAEI since 1972. He was also a member of NFPA and is serving as the TCC chair and on the Standards Council. He was on the UL Electrical Council.