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Paul Babiarz Paul Babiarz is manager of business development for Cooper Crouse-Hinds, a leading manufacturer of electrical products for hazardous locations. He has... More >

John P. Bachner Obtain more information about the Bureau by visiting its website (www.nlb.org) or by contacting its staff (info@nlb.org or 301/587-9572).... More >

Robert (Bob) Baker Robert Baker is vice president of John H. Carter Company, Inc., in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on contract with Emerson Process Management. He specializes... More >

Thomas Basso Author... More >

Paul Bates Paul Bates is the Lead Additive Manufacturing (AM) Development Engineer for ULs (Underwriters Laboratories) Digital Manufacturing Technologies divi... More >

Stan Benton Author... More >

Robert Berhinig Author... More >

Sonya Bird Author... More >

Peter Boden Author... More >

Bruce Bohren Bruce Bohren, a 23-year veteran of UL, is a primary designated engineer for ordinary location motor categories. In addition to motors, Bruce has worke... More >

Walter Bost Author... More >

Arthur "Bud" Botham Bart Archibald is the assistant building official and electrical inspector for the town of Stratford, Connecticut, where he and his family live. He ha... More >


David Brender Author... More >

Brent C. Brenner Brett C. Brenner was named president of the Electrical Safety Foundation International in October 2005. Previously, he served as chief of staff at the... More >

John E. Brezan Author... More >


Bill Brooks Bill Brooks has worked with utility-interconnected PV systems since the late 1980s. He is a consultant to the PV industry on a variety of performance,... More >

Kenneth Brown Kenneth Brown is Director of Engineering at Levitons Commercial and Industrial business unit. Ken is also working group chair for two surge protect... More >

Thomas M. Burke Author... More >

William (Bill) Burr William (Bill) Burr is the former Chair of the Canadian Advisory Council on Electrical Safety (CACES), former Director of Electrical and Elevator Safe... More >

Gary Buyeske Author... More >


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