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Chuck Mello

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Nick Maalouf Author... More >

Rick Maddox Author... More >


Alan Manche Alan Manche is the director, Industry Standards for Schneider Electric / Square D. He is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Kentucky. He... More >

Nino Mancini Nino Mancini, P. Eng., is manager, engineering in the Engineering Quality Assurance (EQA) division of CSA International. Mr. Mancini has been an empl... More >

Darren Margerison Darren Margerison has been an electrical inspector for 29 years in Victoria and is currently working within the mining industry in Western Australia. ... More >

Bert McAlister Bert McAlister is a supervising electrical inspector for the city of Detroit. Starting as an electrical inspector in May 1983, he was promoted to supe... More >

Tim McClintock Author... More >

Robert McCullough Robert A. McCullough, former director of Ocean County Construction Inspection Department, is chairman of NEC CMP-9 representing the IAEI, member of ... More >

Bill McGovern Bill McGovern is the electrical inspection services supervisor for the city of Plano, Texas, and an IAEI alternate on CMP-2. McGovern serves as assist... More >

Robert McGregor Author... More >

Ken McLennan Author... More >

Lanny McMahill Author... More >

Mike McManus Author... More >

Tim McNeive Author... More >

Brian Mehalic Brian Mehalic is a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installation Professional R031508-59... More >

Chuck Mello Chuck Mello holds an electrical engineering degree with a specialty in power systems. He spent over twenty-five years with Electro-Test Inc. in vario... More >


Amy B. Cronin and Michael D. Fontaine Amy B. Cronin is President of Strategic Code Solutions LLC, a consulting firm specializing in code development, training and litigation support. She w... More >


Paul Molitor Author... More >

Brian H. Monks Brian Monks is the director of Anti-Counterfeiting Operations for Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), which includes working with the Bureau of Custo... More >

Roger Montambo Roger Montambo, PE, is vice president of Electrical Products Division of Galvan Industries, Inc. He graduated from Michigan Technological University ... More >



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