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John Wiles

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Joseph Wages, Jr. Joseph Wages, Jr., is the education, codes and standards coordinator for IAEI. He represents IAEI as an alternate on NFPA CMP-3. He also serves on the... More >

Peter Walter Author... More >

Larry Watkins Author... More >

Ray Weber Author... More >

Joseph Weigel Author... More >

Michael Weitzel Mike Weitzel works as the electrical AHJ for Bechtel, Inc., on the Vitrification Plant Construction Project at the Hanford Nuclear Site, and an altern... More >

C. M. Wellman Author... More >

W. A. Werning W. A. Werning is an ICC-certified electrical inspector and is a certified electrical instructor through the National Center of Construction Education ... More >

Jim White Author... More >


Kent Whitfield Author... More >

John Wiles John Wiles retired in April 2013 as a Senior Research Engineer at the Southwest Technology Development Institute at New Mexico State University. Howev... More >

Jeffrey Goldstein and Willard L. Warren Jeffrey Goldstein, CEO at LaMar Lighting, has been helping building owners and managers find the right lighting solutions for more than 30 years. His ... More >

Cari Williamette Cari Williamette is the senior electrical inspector for the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. She also teaches code classes for IBEW LU 343 and LU 110. Ca... More >

Noel Williams Author... More >

David Williams Author... More >

John Wilmes Author... More >

Adam Wilwerth Adam Willwerth is development manager for Electro Static Technology, www.est-aegis.com.... More >

Todd Wimmer Author... More >


Lisa Wood Lisa V. Wood, a 20-year veteran of electric industry consulting, has been named executive director of the Institute for Electric Efficiency, becoming ... More >

Randy Wright Author... More >

Allen Wright Allen Wright is with Home Alarm Monitoring, which blogs seriously about home safety.... More >


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