Meet the New CEO/Executive Director

It is a pleasure to introduce James Carpenter as the new chief executive officer and executive director of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. In many cases, the outgoing person has reservations regarding the one who assumes his or her position. That are no such reservations in this transition and it is felt that the search committee made an excellent choice in the selection of Jim Carpenter and the entire IAEI Board of Directors strongly supports his appointment. Many within the electrical industry already know Jim and his proven record of achievements and those who do not know him or of his work will soon understand his value to the IAEI.

Jim brings a valuable set of credentials to the office that will enable him to provide strong and stable leadership for the IAEI. The primary responsibilities associated with the position of CEO/Executive Director have shifted more toward the administrative and business side of the operation with less emphasis on the technical side associated with codes and standards. However, Jim’s sound electrical training and experience will be an asset in his role as editor-in-chief as he is responsible for the review and approval of articles and material included in the IAEI News, the IAEI web site, and the other published materials produced by the IAEI.

Years of experience in code enforcement and his advancement to the administrative level of code enforcement has provided Jim with sound leadership and decision-making skills. As chief electrical engineer/state electrical inspector, with the North Carolina Department of Insurance, he was responsible for managing the inspection program and the Third Party Certification program. In that position, he also provided consultations services for the state electrical code.

The quiet and reserved manner Jim demonstrates belies the inner strength and organizational ability he possesses, and those of us who have watched him work over the years are impressed with his ability to analyze and address complex situations. These characteristics will be important as he moves forward and provides leadership that will enable the organization to realize its great potential. Understanding the inspector’s needs and those of other partners within the electrical industry are vital elements in the quest for industry support for electrical safety and Jim is very familiar with what electrical inspectors face.

The assumption of the position of CEO/Executive Director carries with it a heavy work load and a heavy burden of responsibilities. It is my firm conviction that Jim is the right person for the time and is capable of handling whatever he must face. The IAEI will be better because of his commitment to serving the organization and his willingness to make the necessary sacrifices to properly do the job. Each member is encouraged to welcome Jim and to give him the support necessary to do his job.

Philip Cox
Former IAEI Executive Director, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief for the IAEI News, Philip Cox was formerly employed with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association as a field representative covering a 17-state area. He is a member of NFPA NEC Technical Correlating Committee. He served on Code-Making Panel No. 6, representing IAEI during the Code cycles for the 1984 and 1987 editions of the NEC. He served as chairman of CMP-1, representing the National Electrical Manufacturers Association during the 1996 cycle. He served as acting chairman of CMP-1, representing IAEI for the 1999 cycle and remains as a member of that panel for the 2002 Code cycle. He is a member of NFPA Electrical Section; UL Electrical Council; ITS Technical Advisory Council; and former member of The Chauncey Group International Board of Governors for the National Certification Program for Construction Code Inspectors; and former member of the IEC United States National Committee Executive Committee. He also served as chief electrical inspector for the city of Little Rock, Arkansas, and was secretary to the Little Rock Electrical Examining Board, developing and administering examinations for master, journeyman and specialty electricians. He was appointed as electrical safety coordinator for the Arkansas Department of Labor and administered the Arkansas state electrical licensing law. Cox is past president of the Western Section, IAEI, and served on the IAEI Board of Directors as board member and fifth vice president. He has been involved in the development and presentation of IAEI training programs on both chapter and international level.