The 2006 UL White Book is much larger than the 2005, what has changed and how do I use the White Book in the field?

2006 UL White Book

The 2006 UL White Book is much larger than the 2005, what has changed and how do I use the White Book in the field?



The 2006 UL White Book has under gone many changes and can be considered THE Companion Tool to the National Electrical Code,N EC. Besides a new name, 2006 Guide Information for Electrical Equipment, White Book and a new look, here are some of the highlights (see page 97).

  • For the first time, UL has added an index of product categories correlated to the 2005 NEC. The index provides a direct link between individual sections within the NEC and corresponding UL product categories that may be applicable to that section of the code. While not every Code section has corresponding Listings, there are over 4100 crossreference entries in this index. This index, which starts on page 311, is very intuitive and simple to use, just look up a particular NEC section number and read across to locate the corresponding UL category code and page number on which the complete guide information for the category is located.
  • In response to suggestions from electrical inspectors, the table of contents that lists all the product categories is no longer divided by UL Directory title, the list is now one comprehensive list of all product categories in the White Book organized alphabetically by four letter Category Code.
  • All seven electrical UL marking guides are now included in Appendix A of the White Book starting on page 389. Those marking guides include Circuit Breakers, Heating and Cooling Equipment, Luminaires, Panelboards, Swimming Pools and Spas, Switchboards and Wire and Cable.
  • We also include the “UL Online Certification Directory Quick Guide” to illustrate how to use UL’ Online Certification Database for verifying UL Listings, as well as a membership application for the IAEI on the last page of the White Book so that any user of the White Book will have easy access to the forms needed to join the premier electrical education organization.
  • A detailed explanation of how to use the White Book has been added as a convenience to those who are not familiar with this publication. This explanation is located in the front of the White Book starting on page xxxv and is titled “Practical Application of the White Book in the Field”. That explanation is reprinted in this column. In addition to the paper copy of the book, there is also an electronic version available on CD that can be downloaded onto your computer.

The electronic version of the White Book is very user friendly and easily searched using the Fast Folio platform, which is the same software used for the NEC and NEC Handbook CD’s. A pdf version of the 2006 White Book is also available as a download on the Regulators page of at

If you would like a complimentary copy of the 2006 White Book or the White Book CD, please see the UL booth at one of the five U.S. IAEI Section meetings this fall or at your local IAEI Chapter meetings or contact UL at

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