Code Hunter: Lighting, 2020 NEC

Code Hunter
Code Hunter

To play this game, you need a sharp eye, a quick mind and a 2020 National Electrical Code book. The NEC can be accessed for free at (Fill-in-the-blank questions are looking for the exact word(s) used in the NEC.) This quiz is from the November/December 2022 issue.

1. All luminaires, lampholders, and retrofit kits must be   __________.



A lampholder by itself is not __________.



The connected load on a lighting track must not exceed __________.



Lighting equipment for horticultural use is not allowed for __________ unless specifically permitted in the manufacturer’s instructions.



If high-intensity discharge lighting is used for normal illumination of an area, the emergency lighting system must operate until _________ .



If a screwshell lampholder is supplied by a circuit having a grounded conductor, the __________ conductor must be the one connected to the screwshell.



A type __________ recessed luminaire is permitted to contact combustible materials.



A low voltage lighting system must be listed as a system or be assembled from __________ parts.



Underwater luminaires in swimming pools are prohibited on circuits exceeding 150 volts __________.



In utility rooms containing equipment that requires servicing, at least one lighting outlet containing a switch or controlled by a switch or a listed __________ is required.


11. The requirement that control conductors not be green, white, or gray if they are terminated in the same luminaire as the branch circuit wiring has (had) an effective date of when?


Christel Hunter and Randy Hunter
Christel Hunter is vice president of standards for Cerro Wire. Chris serves as President for the Southern Nevada Chapter of IAEI. Chris also serves on NEC CMP-6 and CMP-13, NFPA 921, NFPA 70B, NFPA 73 and UL STPs 62, 83, 719 and 4703. Chris is a Professional Safety and Health Officer, Certified Standards Professional, Master Electrician, and LEED Accredited Professional. Randy Hunter is an instructor and consultant specializing in electrical code and installations, and co-owner of Hunter Technical Services. He holds ten inspections certifications from IAEI and ICC. He has been a master electrician since 1988.