IAEI Establishes Exploratory Committee

From the CEO
From the CEO

After 20 years of declining membership, the IAEI Board of Directors has established an exploratory committee to address this critical issue.

“We have dropped from over 25,000 members in 2001 to only 8000 currently,” said IAEI Chairman Michal Hofkin. “Although we remain financially strong, the IAEI Board determined that we could no longer ignore the fact the 94-year legacy of IAEI as the electrical safety leader is at stake, and a complete paradigm shift in operations may be necessary.”

The committee is charged with exploring all options, including but not limited to creating a Request for Proposals seeking a permanent partnership with another agency that will help IAEI continue its mission.

“I want to thank IAEI President and CEO, Rudy Garza, for his courage and the professional presentation to the IAEI Board outlining the history and critical state of the IAEI membership in great detail,” added Hofkin.  “It was quite an eye-opener for the entire board.”