UL Certifies First Stand-Alone Replacement LED Tube


Does UL List (certify) stand-alone LED (light emitting diode) tubes for direct replacement of fluorescent tubes in fluorescent luminaires?


Yes, recently UL has certified (Listed) the first stand-alone LED tube for direct replacement of a fluorescent tube in a fluorescent luminaire. The replacement tubes operate in the existing ballast circuit present in the fluorescent luminaire. They have been evaluated to operate in the ballast circuit so that the LED tube does not adversely affect the ballast operation in the luminaire. These LED tubes are certified (Listed) under the product category Lamps, Self-ballasted, Light-emitting-diode Type (OOLV), located on page 279 of the 2012 UL White Book and will bear a UL Listing Mark and also identify  the type of fluorescent tube it is intended to replace, e.g. 40W/48T12/RS.

These certified (Listed) replacement LED tubes differ from what UL has certified up until this point in that LED tube retrofits and conversions involved modifying an already Listed luminaire by replacing the ballast with a driver or removing the ballast and direct wiring the branch circuit to the lamp holders in the luminaire. These types of LED retrofit and conversion kits are certified under either of the product categories Light-emitting-diode Retrofit Luminaire Conversion Kits (IFAR) or Light-emitting-diode Retrofit Luminaire Conversion Kits for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers (IFAS) located on page 180 in the 2012 UL White Book or Luminaire Conversions, Retrofit (IEUQ), located on page 173 in the 2012 UL White Book. For these categories, one of the major subassemblies will bear the UL Classification Mark and verbiage identifying that it is a Classified kit for use in specific luminaires.

You can also view the UL Guide Information and certifications online at www.ul.com/database and enter any of the category codes OOLV, IFAR, IFAS or IEUQ at the category code search field.


AFCI Troubleshooting, Online Training at UL Knowledge Services


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This course is intended for anyone who installs electrical systems in residences, whether they are single, multifamily or apartment buildings—in other words, anywhere the use of AFCI circuit breakers are required by the National Electrical Code.

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  • Installing AFCIs in existing homes
  • Success stories and additional resources

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