2023 IAEI President and CEO Annual Report

Update on Strategic Goals, Strategies, and Actions for 2023
Update on Strategic Goals, Strategies, and Actions for 2023

Goal 1: Re-establish the IAEI brand and reputation.

Objective: Regain control of the IAEI brand through a top-down IO management model (“laying the foundation”)

2023 Strategies:

  • Action: Develop messaging about the need for consistency of the IAEI brand to be shared with all IAEI members and SCDs
    • Complete by February 25, 2023
    • Completed – A document entitled One Message was distributed to all board members.
  • Action: Complete a list of organizational best practice policies that will be considered for adoption by the board that reinforces Goal 1.
    • Complete by April 1, 2023, reviewed at the May midyear executive committee meeting, and adopted at the November 2023 board meeting.
    • Completed and updated with board comments and concerns by mid-year meeting – formal adoption and approval at the Annual Board meeting of some of the best practice policies.
  • Action: Begin disseminating new best practices policies to members and SCDs with “recommendations” for use
    • Begin the process by July 25, 2023.
    • Completed and will be distributed as “Best Practices” after section meetings and after approval by the board at the annual meeting. Will begin distribution of recommended Best Practices to all SCDs in January 2024
  • Action: Develop new organizational branding materials for the entire organization.
    • Complete April 30, 2023
    • Completed and debuted at 2023 Annual Section Meetings
    • Distributed on a flash drive to every SCD Secretary and President by December 1, 2023
    • Reviewed by the IAEI Marketing Director at the Annual Board Meeting
  • Action: Begin exploring a DBA name that is more inclusive of all electrical professionals and tradesmen
    • Complete work with a marketing firm to explore DBA names by March 1, 2023.
    • Completed and adopted unanimously by the IAEI Board of Directors – Independent Alliance of the Electrical Industry.
    • Will become the official Assumed Name on January 1, 2024; all branding and logo information will be part of Branding Materials sent out on flash drives.
    • All documentation submitted to the Texas Secretary of State will need to be refiled in 10 years.
  • Action: Begin DBA paperwork in Dallas County and establish a new DBA name
    • May 2023 Discuss the new DBA name at the midyear executive committee meeting (this is a procedural action that can be undertaken by the IO Board that does not change the legal name of IAEI)
    • Completed and submitted to the Secretary of State
  • Action: Adopt a new DBA name
    • Approve at the November IAEI Board Meeting
    • Completed early and formally adopted.
    • Filed with Texas Secretary of State


Goal 2: Establish IAEI as a leader of electrical safety publications and education.

Objective: Enhance and expand all educational offerings and publications

2023 Strategies:

  • Action: Create three new books out of Soares
    • Complete by October 30, 2023
    • The Soares book has been updated and divided into three separate books.
    • $25.95 each and all three for $70.95 for members
    • $29.95 each and $85.95 for all three for non-members
  • Action: Create two new books out of 1 and 2 family
    • Complete by October 30, 2023
    • Will be completed on our end by December 30th in the hands of the writer now. Also, full completion depends on the release of ICC’s IRC. The projected completion is spring 2024.
    • Non-member pricing will be $29.95 per book ($89.95 set)
    • Member pricing will be $25.95 per book
      ($69.95 set)
  • Action: Create PowerPoint for new Soares books
    • Complete by October 30, 2023
    • Completed
  • Action: Create new PowerPoint for new 1 and 2 Family books
    • Complete by October 30, 2023
    • Will be completed on our end by December 30th. Full completion depends on the release of ICC’s IRC in the spring of 2025.
  • Action: Narrow down the “faces of IAEI education” through contracts with 2 SMEs
    • Complete by January 1, 2023
    • Completed – Tom Domitrovich and Tim Mikloiche will conduct as many training courses as possible for IAEI.
  • Action: Create a calendar of onsite training for 2023
    • Complete by January 20, 2023
    • Completed in March
  • Action: Create a library of new pictures and graphics
    • Complete by December 30, 2023
    • Completed
  • Action: Begin development of educational materials targeting electrical engineering
    • Start by March 1, 2023
    • Completed.
  • Action: Cohost an Analysis of Changes training event at the ICC Spring and Fall meetings
    • Schedule by February 1, 2023.
    • Both trainings were scheduled before February, and both were completed.


Goal 3:  Enhance and grow membership through a diverse offering of services and benefits.

Objective: Grow new membership by 5% year over year

2023 Strategies:

  • Action: Develop a list of member benefits
    • January 31, 2023
    • Completed and listed on the new membership application.
  • Action: Develop a list of members-only accessible benefits (based upon level of membership)
    • Complete by March 30, 2023
    • Completed and on the new membership application.
  • Action: Develop Job description for Marketing and Communications Director
    • Complete by January 15, 2023
    • Completed
  • Action: Hire new Marketing and Communications Director
    • Complete by March 15, 2023
    • Completed
  • Action: Develop a Marketing and Communications Plan
    • Complete by June 30, 2023 (will contain the specifics ground-level tactics)
    • Completed and presented at May Executive and adopted at Board Meeting in June
  • Action: Create and adopt a new dual membership program with ICC
    • Complete by August 30, 2023
    • In negotiations may not happen until spring 2024. Will use the ElectriCity Program as an example of the opportunities that exist with a dual membership program.


Goal 4: Strengthen and expand partnerships.

Objective: Leverage the strengths of other organizations to help IAEI achieve its goals, objectives, services, and mission, and likewise

2023 Strategies:

  • Action: Create a list of all potential partner organizations
    • Complete by February 28, 2023
    • Completed
  • Action: Create a list of mutual benefits of our partners and potential partners
    • Complete by March 1, 2023
    • Completed
  • Action: Identify potential corporate partners
    • Complete by August 15, 2023
    • Completed
  • Action: Formally meet with NFPA CEO and reestablish a positive cooperative relationship with NFPA
    • Complete by March 30, 2023
    • On going. First attempt was meeting with NFPA staff during the NFPA Annual Conference in Las Vegas
  • Action: Have Dominic Simms, President and CEO of ICC, attend our mid-year board meeting to establish a clear understanding of the relationship between IAEI and ICC.
    • During May Executive Committee Meeting
    • Scheduling conflict, so met with ICC Director of Government Affairs for Florida
  • Action: Cohost a CEO Roundtable with ICC, with other Electrical Organization/Association CEOs
    • By December 31, 2023
    • Still working with ICC CEO Dominic Simms to schedule this “The Electrification Summitt.”
  • Action: Enter into one new MOU with another Association
    • By April 30, 2023
    • Completed with NEMA
  • Action: Exhibit at two new association trade events Jan-Dec 2023
    • Completed and actually exhibited at five new trade shows in 2023.
    • Spark
    • NFPA
    • ICC twice
    • NECA
    • St Louis Electrical Board
    • National Association of Homebuilders

Ongoing strategies:

The IAEI staff has completed or will complete, all the action items associated with the Goals and Strategies for 2023 that are within our control. Some items are dependent upon other individuals and organizations following through with their commitments and obligations. In some instances, we have not been successful in getting follow-through, even after repeated attempts and contacts.

At the beginning of 2023, the entire IAEI staff met and reviewed the entire Strategic Plan.  Everyone understands which aspects of the plan they are responsible for, and we are all committed to “Getting things done.”

Each Department focused on its Strategic Plan Actions for 2023

It is critical to the success of IAEI that organizational operational uniformity is achieved in alignment with the Goals of the Strategic Plan.

If IAEI Sections operate in a manner that promotes organizational uniformity, then the Chapters and Divisions beneath them will be likely to follow their lead. In 2024, IAEI must not continue to operate with a “fractured and fragmented foundation.”

It is critical that the Board members take back the message to the local sections, chapters, and divisions that the Best Practices should be utilized and adhered to in 2024 as a means of preparing for enforcement in 2025.

Respectfully submitted,
Rudolph Leal Garza – IAEI President and CEO