IAEI Honorary Membership Awards

IAEI Honorary Membership Awards

IAEI awards honorary membership to an individual member because of his or her distinguished public service and contributions to improving and strengthening the organization’s objectives and electrical safety. Honorary membership may be conferred on an IAEI member whose contribution to our goal of increased electrical safety is so outstanding that it is of lasting importance to the advancement of the whole field of the electrical industry. It is intended to reflect honor upon IAEI as well as upon the individual.

“These IAEI members represent the heart and soul of our organization,” said IAEI CEO Rudy Garza.  “They deserve so much more than these small token of our deepest appreciation for their like long efforts to protect the public from electrical hazards.”

On behalf of the staff at the International Office, please accept our sincere appreciation for your loyal and continued support of the IAEI.

In the Spring of 2022, IAEI sent out a small gift as a token of our gratitude for their dedicated time and service to our association.

Philip Cox is a former IAEI executive director and international honorary member.
Philip Cox is a former IAEI executive director and international honorary member.

International Honorary Members

Canadian Section

Atlantic Chapter
David Clements

Ontario Chapter
Douglas Geralde

Eastern Section

New Jersey Chapter
Andre Cartal

Southern Section

Alabama Chapter
Horace Smedley

N.C. Ellis Cannady Chapter
James Carpenter
Curtis Kennedy
Julian R. Sam Thompson

Western Section

Arkansas Chapter
Philip Cox

Minnesota Chapter
Richard Owen

Rocky Mountain Chapter
Wilford Summers

Wisconsin Chapter
Edward Lawry

Melvin Sanders
Melvin Sanders

Lifetime Honorary Members

Canadian Section

Ontario Chapter
W.R. Sutherland

Eastern Section

Benjamin Franklin Chapter
Robert Hasday
Edward Perrine

Chesapeake Chapter
Milford Badders

Connecticut Chapter
Charles Radar

Green Mountain Chapter
Richard Schlieder

Northeastern Pennsylvania Chapter
John Brezan

New Jersey Skylands Chapter
Robert Rutan

New York Chapter
John Cangemi

South Jersey Chapter
Robert McCullough

Northwestern Section

Alaska Chapter
Jon Girard

Idaho Chapter
John Stricklin

Oregon Chapter
Herb Stabenow

Puget Sound Chapter
James Simmons

Utah Chapter
Noel Williams

Southern Section

Central Florida Chapter
Robert Duncan

N.C. Ellis Cannady Chapter
James Kennedy
Mitchell Bryant
William Harvell

Oklahoma Chapter
Jimmy Bonds

Virginia Chapter
David Humphrey
Haywood Kines
Hiram Lamb
Wayne Lilly
Mohinder Sood

Western Section

Iowa Chapter
Jerry DePenning
Melvin Sanders

Michigan Chapter
George Little

North Dakota Chapter
Richard Haman

Northeastern Suburban Division
Donald Nissen

Northern Illinois Division
Lance Farris

Ohio Chapter
Robert Sallaz

Western Reserve Division
Jerald Gerber


IAEI greatly thanks all long-time members for their support of IAEI and we look forward to another 30 years!