Is there anything new in wind turbine certifications?



Is there anything new in wind turbine certifications?


Yes, recently UL has created two new wind turbine certification product categories, Wind Turbine Drive-train Systems and Equipment (ZGDT) and Wind Turbine Tower Assemblies (ZGTA) both of these categories can be found in a list of Wind Power Systems product categories located on page 34 in the 2012 UL White Book.

These categories cover wind turbine drive-train systems and equipment as well as wind turbine tower assemblies investigated with respect to risk of electric shock and fire. These assemblies are intended to be coordinated with a separate mechanical and structural investigation of the wind turbine generating system in accordance with standards such as IEC 61400-1, “Wind Turbine Generating Systems,” or “Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines” (published by Germanischer Lloyd WindEnergie GmbH).