With new technologies, safety standards must be in place to protect both equipment and workers in wind electric production facilities.

UL Product iQ database is the next generation of UL’s Online Certifications Directory and access to it is free; contains the same trusted UL certification info in a modern, user-friendly database.

Wiring methods for Class I, Division 2 locations are addressed in Section 501.10(B) of the NEC. Here, in addition to those wiring methods that are permitted for Class I, Division 1 installations in Section 501.10(A), the NEC covers other wiring methods that are permitted for Class I, Division 2.

The terms “suspended ceiling” and “plenum” are widely used in the Canadian Electrical Code but these two terms are not identical.

This is what could happen if IAEI members embraced an opportunity on the local level – the opportunity to promote the IAEI to thousands of new people.

Following a rooftop fire in a PV system, an AHJ was requested by the building department to inspect the damaged area and assist in the investigation of the cause of the fire.

Let’s look at the basics of a grounded 480/277 V to 208/120 V wye-type transformer supplying a panelboard in a typical retail or office space.

Test your knowledge of wind power requirements in the 2017 National Electrical Code by taking the Code Hunter quiz with your copy of the NEC.

For many people looking for a job in a stable, growing industry, the electrical industry is ripe with opportunities for electrical workers.

Wind energy? Is this natural resource going to be the future for electric generation? Electric wind generation technology has come a long way.