Code Hunter: Pools & Spas NEC 2017

Code Hunter Spas & Pools
Reading Time: < 1 minute

To play this game, you need a sharp eye, a quick mind, and a 2017 National Electrical Code book.

(Fill-in-the-blank questions are looking for the exact words) used in the NEC).

1. Minimum cover depths for underground wiring in swimming pool installations are required to comply with:
2. Communications, radio, and television coaxial cables within the scope of Articles 800 through 820 shall be permitted at a height of not less than above swimming and wading pools, diving structures, and observations stands, towers, or platforms.
3. Areas where pool __________ chemicals are stored, as well as areas with circulation pumps, automatic chlorinators, filters, open areas under decks adjacent to or abutting the pool structure, and similar locations shall be considered to be a corrosive environment.
4. Where necessary to employ __________ connections at or adjacent to the motor, liquidtight flexible metal or liquidtight flexible nonmetallic conduit with listed fittings shall be permitted.
5. Wiring methods installed in corrosive environments as described in 680.14 shall contain an insulated copper equipment grounding conductor sized in accordance with__________ , but not smaller than 12 AWG.

6. Where none of the bonded parts is in direct connection with the pool water, the pool water shall be in direct contact with an approved corrosion-resistant conductive surface that exposes not less than __________ of surface area to the pool water at all times.
7. Ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection for personnel shall be installed in the branch circuit supplying luminaires operating at voltages greater than __________.
8. Low-voltage gas-fired luminaires, decorative fireplaces, fire pits, and similar equipment are permitted within 5’ of the inside walls of a swimming pool.
9. Receptacles must be located farther than 1.83 m (6 ft) from the inside walls of a storable pool, storable spa, or storable hot tub.
10. Existing luminaires are permitted to remain within 5 feet measured horizontally from the inside walls of a swimming pool if they are more than 5 feet above the surface of the maximum water level, rigidly attached to the existing structure, and protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupter.

Bonus Question

Field-installed grounding and bonding terminals for swimming pool installation connections in a wet or corrosive location are required to be made of copper, copper alloy, or stainless steel.