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Journey to the Future of 260-year-old Lightning Rod: Where lightning protection...

In most countries around the world, we see that the banknote of the highest denomination bears the face of the most respected figure in the country’s history. In the United States of America, that person is Benjamin Franklin whose face dons the famous $100 bill. This article focuses on the Franklin lightning rod, arguably one of Benjamin Franklin’s greatest achievements, through the scientific and engineering perspective in search of the future of lightning protection technology in the rapidly changing world.

Rule 10-700 Grounding Electrodes

The Canadian Electrical Code defines a grounding electrode as: "a buried metal water-piping system or metal object or device buried in, or driven into,...

Supplementary Grounding Electrodes

Electrical systems and non-current-carrying metal parts of equipment in an electrical installation generally are required to be grounded; however, alternatives are given within the...

Grounding Electrodes

Definition   Figure 1. Grounding electrode Grounding electrode. A conducting element used to connect electrical systems and/or equipment to the earth. General For many applications, grounding electrodes provide the...

A New Breakthrough in Electrical Safety Proves Itself

Imagine yourself with the responsibility to provide more than 50,000 amps of safe electrical power over 140 miles of distribution cable powering 5,000 lighting...

The Grounding Electrode

As metal piping is being replaced by plastic piping, we're losing one of our best means of connecting electrical systems to the earth through low impedance.
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