IAEI 2020 Annual Report

IAEI 2020 Annual Report

No one, not even the United States Government, could have planned for the negative impact COVID-19 would have on every aspect of life. IAEI was not immune to those negative impacts. Although January, February, and early-March started  off well for IAEI, the national shutdown and the March 17th IAEI work from home mandate caused all IAEI activities to come to a sudden temporary halt. Although staff continued working from home for the next 2 1/2 months, the amount of activity and revenue into the IAEI international office slowed dramatically.

With all revenue streams suffering, IAEI was forced to make difficult decisions to offset substantial revenue losses. COVID-19has forced cost reductions ranging from eliminating two Director Level staff positions and reducing the paperweight of our bi-monthly magazine. By drastically reducing expenses, we will avoid dipping into the reserves to cover the actual annual expenses. (See financials dated October 31, 2020)

On June 1, 2020, a new President/CEO started, and the entire staff was brought back to the IAEI office on June 8, 2020. Thankfully, and working under the strictest CDC guidelines, the International Office has remained continuously open and free of any COVID-19 infections. The IAEI International Office is 100% fully staffed and working at 100% full capacity. A recent report by the ASAE indicated that 92% of Associations in the US were still working remotely as of September 1, 2020. As you will see in the 2020 Highlight, much has been accomplished in a short time since June.

2020 Highlights

  • Projected to complete 26 Webinars
  • Completed 32 onsite trainings
  • Projected to sell $800,000 in publications
  • Projected to earn $925,000 in dues revenue due to strategic push September -December
  • Launched new IAEI.org website
  • Created new IAEICourses.org website
  • Created Digital Education Department
  • Implemented the use of Your Membership (YM) software
  • Built New State of the Art On-Site Digital Recording Studio for training
  • Developed New Brand Identity with Professional Marketing Consultant
  • Developed and implemented a Social Media Presence Plan
  • Developed a Comprehensive Marketing Plan with a Professional Consultant
  • Created a Targeted Audience Program
  • Created new NexGen Program for members under 45 years old launching January 2021
  • Hired New Director of Digital Education (New Position)
  • Hired New Digital and Social Media Coordinator (New Position)
  • Increased Social Media Presence 20X
  • Hired Director of Membership Services
  • Reorganized Publications Department (Eliminated Director Position)
    • New Positions: Editor and Chief
    • Creative and Production Manager
  • Created Technical Services Department (Segregated out of former Education Department)
  • Reviewed all contracts and legally Ended Disastrous Sales Contract with Mohanna
  • Leased new Multifunction Copier Printer to reduce printing costs
  • Built New Copier/Workroom at IO
  • Created a new Partnership with ICC
    • ICC will be selling all of our publications on their website
    • ICC will partner with IAEI for a “Joint Publication” of the One and Two Family
    • IAEI will become the ICC “Exclusive Digital Electrical Safety Provider” and advertise our training on the same webpage as their other trainings
    • Working toward joint certification with ICC for Multi- hat inspectors

Looking Forward To 2021


As with the rest of the world, IAEI will be elated to put 2020 behind us and begin looking forward to 2021. With all the new IAEI programs and projects slated for 2021, it will be a Year of Transformation.


Education and Technical Services

  • Conduct 35 onsite trainings across the United States
  • Conduct a minimum of 60 Live Virtual Education Broadcast
  • Host 8-10 Live Broadcast Roundtable Discussions
  • Develop new Electrical Safety training materials for Facility Maintenance Personnel
  • Develop new Electrical Safety training materials for Construction Superintendents
  • Develop new Electrical Safety training materials for Real Estate Inspectors
  • Develop new Electrical Safety training materials for Multi- hat Inspectors
  • Create new Electrical Safety handbooks for Facility Maintenance Personnel
  • Create new Electrical Safety handbooks for Construction Superintendents
  • Create new Electrical Safety workbooks for Real Estate inspectors
  • Create new Electrical Safety workbooks for Multi-hat inspectors
  • Make all new training materials and workbooks available to SCD’s for local training
  • Add a full time “State Certification Specialist” for our online courses


  • Start on Analysis
  • Update One- and Two-Family Study Guide
  • Plan Review Study Guide
  • Ferms Fast Finder Index
  • Convert Electrical General Study Guide into a Test Prep Book for Apprentices
  • One- and Two-Family Book
  • Publish 6 editions of IAEI Magazine
  • Publish the Digital Magazine
  • Publish new Electrical Safety Handbooks for Real Estate Inspectors
  • Publish new Electrical Safety Handbooks for Construction Superintendents
  • Publish new Electrical Safety Handbooks for Maintenance Engineers
  • Publish new Electrical Safety Handbooks for Multi-hat inspectors


  • Recommitment to a strong Focus and Commitment to Customer Service
  • Standardize operating procedures in the Membership Department
  • Return to Direct Mail billing for renewals, as well as digital billings
  • Increased support and communication with SCD’s.   It’s a two-way street as IAEI, and the SCD’s cannot function without each other.
  • More personalized approach to membership. Increased engagement = loyal members = retention = referrals
  • Heightened focus on retaining current members via 30/60/90-day outreach.
  • Referral program to encourage membership growth.
  • Targeted marketing across all social media platforms and new programming to reach a younger and more diversified membership.
  • Offer a tangible incentive to increase membership value.
  • Continue to offer personalized service for members needing assistance with the IAEI Website and/or Social Media
  • Work Closely with IAEI Social Media Coordinator to get out Member News to the Masses
  • Reach 10,000 total members


IAEI is on firm financial standing with healthy reserves and positive cash flow beginning October 2020. The current operating account contains 3.5 months of operating cash on hand, and our reserves account has 2.5 months of operating cash on hand per the September 30, 2020 Balance Sheet. Our 2019 Audit found  no significant findings, and all 2019 tax returns were filed in a timely manner. > Download Audit