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Do you recall the day when personal and business computers first came on the market, along with the notion that they would put people out of work? I can recall buying the first personal computer for my son, a Commodore 64, and not having a clue how to work it; then taking a continuing education class at the local high school on computer basics and programming; and seeing the text “Syntax Error” forever etched into my personal database.

First flat screens replaced the thick tube-type televisions, followed by LED, LCD, and Plasma screens with 3 D capability. Then came phones with more power than computers, tablets with cameras, and the list goes on—what’s next?

Keeping current with the latest technology is expensive and challenging. Five years ago we updated our office servers, desk top computers and software programs to the latest and greatest of its day. Today we are once again updating our systems and software in order to better serve our customers.

IAEI is not standing still and watching technology pass us by. I’m very excited to announce that IAEI has embarked on two new initiatives that will be coming to a screen near you.

Redesigned and Updated Website

First, we are launching a fully redesigned and updated website. After months of brainstorming, planning, and data transferring, we created a fresh new look with user-friendly navigation that will provide new features such as an online membership community, accessible personal profiles, and instant social networking. Within this secure online community, each section, chapter and division will have its own homepages in which to create an online presence. Committees will manage the assignments for which the group is responsible. Membership rosters will be accessible, as will forums and photo galleries; online tools such as multimedia, and RSS feeds will also be available for your use. Social networking will be taken to new heights with features that will allow members to actively connect and collaborate with each other as well as grow professionally.

Each member will have control over his or her profile, deciding which information to allow others to see. If they are members of a committee, they will have access to that particular committee. After you have logged in, you may edit any of this information. Your Profile Home page can be accessed from any page on the site.

Even with all the latest features, our website will continue to provide you with the latest up-to-date industry news and events as well as information on our products and services. So I encourage you to explore our new website. To get you started, we have included Quick Link buttons to the new features on our homepage.

Interactive Version of IAEI Magazine

Along with our newly redesigned website, we will be releasing an interactive version of IAEI magazine downloadable through App Store, Newsstand, or Google Play, and viewable on iPads, Samsung Galaxy and Kindle Fire. Smartphone viewing will be available in April.

Through the interactive version, valuable information will be available in real time. When changes or new information are added, you will receive a Push Notification alerting you of the latest updates and keeping you current and in-the-know.

For authors, interactive makes sharing information boundless with capabilities such as video links, photo galleries or drawings, links to additional resources or reports, designs or any other instant information that will enrich their articles. Our imagination and ever-growing technology define the limits of what IAEI magazine can become and be able to offer IAEI members.

IAEI interactive magazine will encourage social sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and email. With instant web access, posting feedback, consulting and comparing with others in the electrical industry will be instantaneous. Interact and follow your favorite authors through their Twitter feed or LinkedIn account as they keep you up-to-date on the latest news in the electrical industry. All these links will be at your fingertips; just touch, swipe, clip and share, watch, or purchase from our online store. The choice is yours.

Graphically, we’ve come a long way from the unassuming 20-page, letterpress publication called the News-Bulletin that debuted in March 1929, but we still share information, facts, shortcuts and — always — safety requirements.

For years we’ve had both a digital and a blog version of the magazine on the website, but now the interactive version adds another dimension to each article.

It is still our voice — louder, more persuasive, and now interactive!

IAEI Interactive will be available to members for free. For others, it is subscription based. The preview version is free to everyone for a limited time. Go to the App Store, Newsstand or Google Play and try IAEI magazine for yourself.

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David Clements
David Clements is CEO/Executive Director of IAEI. He has been an active IAEI member at the local, section and national levels for more than twenty-five years. He served as international board member from 1995 until 2007 when he served as our 2007 international president. In 2010, he retired after twenty-nine years with Nova Scotia Power, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as their chief electrical inspector. During his tenure as chief electrical inspector, he was a voting member on the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Technical Committee on the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, a member of the Regulatory Authority Committee and member of the Canadian Advisory Committee on Electrical Safety. He has served on NFPA Smart Grid Steering Committee, Electrical Infrastructure Training Program and is presently a member of the UL Electrical Council.