Question: Where branch-circuit conductors pass through a panelboard and do not originate or terminate…


Where branch-circuit conductors pass through a panelboard and do not originate or terminate in that panelboard, is there any requirement for identifying where the overcurrent devices are located for these pass-through conductors? TG


In this instance, the panelboard is serving the function of a pull box for these pass-through conductors. A panelboard is permitted for this purpose if proper wire bending space is provided as per 408.55. Feed-through conductors are permitted in a cabinet that contains overcurrent devices (such as a panelboard) per 312.8. One of the conditions required by 312.8 in permitting this application is that a warning label is required to be applied to the enclosure that identifies the closest disconnecting means for any feed-through conductors. This is a new requirement for the 2011 NEC.
— Keith Lofland, CMP-9

Keith Lofland
L. Keith Lofland is the former Director of Technical Services and Director of Education, Codes, and Standards for IAEI. Keith is the Chairman of NEC CMP-7 and has served as a member of CMP-9. Keith serves on NFPA’s Electrical Section Executive Committee and is a member of UL’s Electrical Council. Keith is also a member of the technical committee for NFPA’s Guide on Electrical Inspections (NFPA 78) and the Standard for Electrical Inspector Professional Qualifications (NFPA 1078). He is the principal author of several IAEI publications, including NEC Analysis of Changes. Prior to his position with IAEI, Keith spent sixteen years as the Chief Electrical Inspector for Garland, Texas. Keith holds a Master Electrician license from the State of Texas and has Electrical Inspector certifications from IAEI and ICC. Keith received the “Building Official/Building Inspector of the Year” award in 1999 and the Gold Roadrunner award in 2014. Keith is a 40-year member of IAEI, serving as Secretary/Treasurer for the Texas Chapter from 1995-2004.