Code Hunter — Disaster Recovery, 2017 NEC

Code Hunter
Reading Time: < 1 minute

To play this game, you need a sharp eye, a quick mind, and a 2017 National Electrical Code book.

(Fill-in-the-blank questions are looking for the exact words) used in the NEC).

1. __________. Those systems legally required and classed as emergency by municipal, state, federal, or other codes, or by any governmental agency having jurisdiction. These systems are intended to automatically supply illumination, power, or both, to designated areas and equipment in the event of failure of the normal supply or in the event of an accident to elements of a system intended to supply, distribute, and control power and illumination essential for safety to human life.
2. Where deemed by the authority having jurisdiction that a generator is vital to the operation of an electrical system, and the generator should operate to failure to prevent a greater hazard to persons, the __________ shall be permitted to be connected to an annunciator or alarm supervised by authorized personnel instead of interrupting the generator circuit.
3. __________ power systems are those systems so classed by municipal, state, federal, or other codes by any governmental agency having jurisdiction or by facility engineering documentation establishing the necessity for such a system.
4. Emergency illumination shall include means of __________ lighting, illuminated exit signs, and all other luminaires specified as necessary to provide required illumination.
5. The alternate power source shall be capable of operating the COPS for a minimum of __________ hours at full load of DCOA with a steady-state voltage within ± 10 percent of nominal utilization voltage.
6. __________ generators shall be provided with GFCI protection on all 125-volt, 15- and 20-ampere receptacle outlets.
7. A normally interactive __________ shall be permitted to operate as a stand-alone system to supply loads that have been disconnected from electrical production and distribution network sources.
8. Automatic transfer switches shall be electrically operated and mechanically held. Automatic transfer switches shall be __________ for emergency system use.
9. In a COPS risk assessment, both naturally-occurring hazards and human-caused events must be considered.
10. A facility with a COPS is not required to have a documented emergency operations plan.

Bonus Question

In the event of failure of the normal supply of power, is the alternate supply for an emergency system required to be available within 10 seconds?