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Become Solar Smart(er) with PV Training Online

Where were you when _____? Most of us know exactly where we were, who we were with, and what our first thoughts were as...

NEC Training: Going Above and beyond

Staying apprised of the myriad of Code changes cycle after cycle is a daunting and necessary task for any contractor, his employees, and their...

Certification vs. License, Which Is Better?

Many years ago I wrote an article for a local newsletter very similar to this about the difference between certifications and experience. In that...

Training for Safety and the Future

May is Electrical Safety Month. During this time, many industry professionals and organizations try to focus on the safety aspect of the industry. From...

Electrical Inspector Certification Program in the United States

Certification is an important step in the progression of becoming a truly professional, highly trained and skilled electrical inspector. The Canadian Section of the IAEI promotes an inspector certification program in Canada and operates separately from its counterpart in the United States. An article on the Canadian Electrical Inspector Certification Program is scheduled for a later date.

Training Facilities Taking Shape

Contributions for completing the permanent training facility at the International Office have doubled since the last issue of IAEI News, covering more than a third of the expected costs.
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