Performing equipment evaluations, particularly equipment that has been moved from one facility to another facility, is critical to the early success of a project.  

With code requirements and the nature of standby/emergency power needs, your generator will likely still seem oversized when it is being tested or running during a power outage situation.

Since overcurrent protection is crucial to reliable electrical system operation and safety, overcurrent device selection and application should be carefully considered. When selecting fuses, the following parameters or considerations need to be evaluated:

This article provides a general overview of what to expect when completing a field evaluation of medium/high-voltage switchgear electrical distribution systems based on NFPA 791.

By supplying intrinsically safe lighting products, industrial facilities can significantly enhance worker safety throughout the plant without worrying about dangerous settings

What is the status of UL 3741, and are there any Certified (Listed) PV hazard control systems?

As photovoltaic power (PV) systems become increasingly common due to an increasing awareness of climate change issues, including severe storms and very large forest fires, both new and seasoned code enforcement people sometimes get buried in a forest of trees dealing with code minutia and issues.

With the end of the year upon us, it’s a fitting time to reflect on the state of safety in our industry, to evaluate where we are today, and consider what more we need to do in the new year ahead.

Let’s first acknowledge that this new defined terminology and relaxations allowed by Section 8 of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (CE Code)

Today we are dependent upon technology in most aspects of our lives, and it is changing, and we must change with it.