Larry Chan — 2018 IAEI International President

“IAEI’s story is, and always has been, about safety. Those who work with electricity know better than anyone that while it offers a better and brighter world, it also carries thinly veiled dangers. IAEI’s mission is to teach others to safeguard against those dangers.” 1

I am one of those who found IAEI.  I wanted to protect myself from the dangers of electricity as well as to offer my clients a better, safer world.  So thirty-five years ago, in 1982, I joined IAEI and began to learn how to do my job safer and more efficiently.  By that time, I had been working in the industry for six years and had learned some things and had made some mistakes, but survived.  I was already an electrical contractor, but I was ready for the education IAEI offered.

Within five years, in 1987, I was an inspector with the City of New Orleans and began to take an active role as an inspector member of the IAEI George Welman Chapter.

Education is an important focus for me.  I started in the electrical construction industry in 1976 and soon had an Associate of Science degree in Electrical Construction Technology.  Classroom training was important and vital to my success but I quickly recognized that industry certifications were powerful tools for my advancement.  So, along the way, I acquired 13 general certifications, 5 IAEI certifications, 1 OSHA certification and 2 licenses.

Along the way, I discovered membership organizations that focus on the electrical industry:  National Electrical Code Making Panel (since 2000); UL Standards Technical Panel member; IAEI; NFPA; ICC.  These memberships have allowed me to contribute from my training and experiences, both as an electrical inspector and as an owner of two electrical businesses.

Because of this experience, I was appointed as an advisor to the the Louisiana State Fire Marshall’s Office committee that is responsible for the adoption of the NEC.

IAEI’s story is accurate:   It always is, and always has been, about safety.  I am honored, and proud, to represent the members of our Association as the International President for 2018.  This year is our 90th anniversary!  Together, we have all come a long way!

The new Strategic Plan and Governance Structure, which is scheduled to be adopted at the end of the year, focuses on growing membership, expanding our educational offerings and providing greater value to our members. This cohesive approach enables IAEI to be far more effective as we make electrical installations safer.

Editor’s note:  Word has it that Larry is a gourmet cook who, at one time, owned a restaurant in New Orleans area.

1 A Passion for Safety, The IAEI Story, International Association of Electrical Inspectors, Copyright 2003.  ISBN: 1-890659-30-4